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A Preview for The Wheel of Time series' first book

Updated on June 19, 2013

The Wheel of Time by: Mariana Montgomery

There is a shadow that is fate,

That gives no one a clean slate.

Time proceeds in equal measure,

A wheel of time cannot be tethered.

Rand sees another shadow as well,

When gone his fears did not quell.

Storms came faster and battles rage,

Three boys fell into a deep cage.

They follow strangers, known and Warder,

Flee from home, beyond the border.

The world around them growth uptakes,

Bigger and scarier almost makes them shake.

Shadows follow close behind,

As myths truer then belief is what they find.

Old memories not their own,

The blanket of fate has already been sewn.

Identity crisis who are they really,

Does anyone tell them truly, sincerely.

Ancient war cries ring through,

Questions unanswered not even a clue.

Dreams are a curse,

Though they keep their lips pursed.

Hordes of enemies come to capture,

Old city walls are sure to fracture.

The path grows longer’

And the howls grow stronger.

Split, they find their paths winding,

But what is it they will be finding.


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