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A Prose Called Christmas

Updated on October 22, 2010

What this is

Just a warning this one is a bit sad. Also when i wrote it I had to lay out details of every thing that happened as part of this event. This list kind of spoils the story so I put it below the actual story even though when first written it came first. Read them in what ever order you wish.


James, age ten, son of a cop lies dreaming of Saint Nick. A bullet through the air shatters his dreams. Afraid, he runs into his closet. He sits alone until police enter. They take him to the station, to insure his safety. An officer hands James his father’s badge, then explains that a man his father arrested escaped from jail and has killed James parents. James sits, his face stone.

Its Christmas again but James has aged.  He watches his girlfriend flip him off from outside. She yells many nasty things. She calls him a gargoyle tired of trying to break the stone hiding his emotions. As she drives off, she weeps. James face remains dry.

James visits his parent’s grave for the first time in a while. He stares at the stone slab with their names. He quietly mutters “Fifteen years. Not a fucking lead.” Days pass. He checks his mail to find a letter. He opens and skims it. Its author claims to be who killed his parents. Only two sentence stand out. I will be coming next Friday to ask my forgiveness. I understand if I find police waiting for me but please call them after I say what I want to say. James face is unmoving.

The day comes. The killer’s junk-heap car slowly pulls up. James stares at the car and sees an elderly man exit. The old man comes to the door and James opens it. He asks forgiveness with continuous tears. James just stares at him. The old man then says, “I understand. I knew it might come to this.” He pulls out a gun and places it in James hand. After a moment, a shot echoes out. Blood oozes from the old killer’s shoe. James collapses and joins the old man in tears, his first tears in years. They cry until the ambulance arrives.

Event list

12/25/10, 12:23: A ten-year-old child of a police officer wakes from his happy dreams to hear gunshots coming from his parent’s room. He hides in his closet.

12/25/10, 1:01 am: Police arrive

12/25/10, 1:27 am: Police find him while searching the house and check to see if he is ok.

12/25/10, 2:11 am: Police take him to the take him the station to keep him safe.

12/25/10, 3:00 am: the Officers tell him a criminal his father caught years ago who recently got out and killed his parents . They give him his father’s badge. He does not cry or show sadness.

12/25/20, 12:00 pm: His girlfriend of 5 years storms out of his apartment yelling that she breaks up with him for being too emotionally cold. He does not cry.

12/25/25, 6:11 pm: He visits his parent’s grave and just stares at it.

12/25/25, 6:23 pm: He mutters under his breath “15 years not a fucking lead.”

12/27/25, 4:35 pm: Checks his mail. Finds a letter. It is from his parent’s killer asking for forgiveness and that he will come by in about week to ask forgiveness in person states he understands if he finds police waiting when he comes but asks if he call them only after he says what he wishes to say in person.

1/5/26, 5:01 pm: A junky looking car rolls up to his house. An old man gets out and walks to his door.

1/5/26, 5:06 pm: He opens the door the old man breaks down crying asking forgiveness for what happened.

1/5/26, 5:09 pm: He stands there emotionless before the old man who then looks up and says he understands.

1/5/26, 5:11 pm: The old man takes a gun out of his pocket and places it in the young man’s hand.

1/5/26, 5:15 pm: A gunshot is heard the old man yells, blood spills from the old man’s shoe.

1/5/26, 5:20 pm: The young man cries alongside the old man as they wait for the ambulance to arrive.


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    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 7 years ago from Eugene

      well at least in the end James learned to cry again

    • Trevor Davis profile image

      Trevor Davis 7 years ago

      Very sad. Very very sad.