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A Psalm of Love

Updated on January 7, 2013

If there is one truth that God has given us, it is that for every man and woman there is that special one. Because what is the story of the Garden of Eden if it not a love story. Though some will try to teach that it is the downfall of mankind, the falling from grace, the birth of eternal sin, those are the false messengers that know not the true essence of the Almighty. What Genesis teaches us is that of all the creatures that God created, only one filled the Lord with sympathy and pathos; that being Man. That spark that he gave to Man, the soul that he breathed into Adam's nostrils came with a heavy price. For Man could not survive alone. Whereas the other creatures could manage, bonding as they pleased, nothing of permanence and free of remorse, Man was unable to exist in such a manner. From the onset this soul, this so-called gift bestowed upon him, was also a curse of enormous magnitude. Because each soul required a soul-mate in order to be complete God had made an imperfect creature. Without that missing piece, it was doomed to become nothing more than a hollow vessel. And God felt compassion for the Man, and he realized that without a soul-mate, a partner, mankind was doomed to pine and wither away because as that which existed within the heart of Man died, so too did the rest of the body succumb. And although God may not have fully understood this overwhelming desire within Adam, he did know that He could never be as close to Man as Man would be to this soulmate. So metaphorically he fashioned Woman from a part of man. A story which symbolizes the affinity and closeness that exists between these two creatures, an inseparable bond that when a man and a woman find one another, and when they are definitely the correct pair to bond then there is a unification of spirit, body, heart and soul that cannot be torn apart. They will listen to each other before they will even heed God and in spite of the consequences, they will share them together, supporting one another against all odds.

One might argue that God would have known of this right from the start, in an effort to assauge their belief in His omnipotence and all-knowing ways. But in fact He could not. To be all-knowing implies that you know everything within your sphere of reality but you cannot know what you don't even know exists. Because to understand, to actually comprehend the power of love between two sentient beings of the human kind, was not within God's sphere of reality. In Man he actually had created an emotion, a desire, a need, that as a single entity, unique within His own reality, He could never fully comprehend. Man too is unique in that aspect. Only we can experience the heartache, the suffering and the loneliness as we try often vainly to find that one and only. And to those that are successful, the sheer joy, jubilation and overall feeling of total completeness again is unique only to mankind's sphere of reality. Too few of us ever experience those latter emotions and a life of contentedness. But Genesis teaches us that our special person is out there, God did make for each one of us a perfect match, and no matter how long it may take, and how much heartache and sorrow we experience in our search, we must never give up!

Psalm of Love

Somewhere, someplace, sometime,someone,
is waiting there for me.  Is waiting there for me?
Could this be the one?  Could this be the one I’m meant to love?
Could this be the one I’m dreaming of?  Could it be?  Be love?
How am I to know?  How am I to know that it’s so?
Is there not some way that I’m told,it’s love?  It’s love!
Shouldn’t it be easier?Couldn’t it be easier?Wouldn’t it be easier, 
to know love?  To know love. To love!

Where am I to find?  Where am I to find this special life?
Someone who can fill my mind, with Love. With Love!
Is there any place beneath this sky?Is there anywhere that 
I’ve passed by?
Is there love within my time?  This time, some time?
Will they catch my eye?  Will I always be so blind?  
Couldn’t they just give me a sign?  They’re the one, my one!
Shouldn’t love be easier?  All this pain much easier? 
A heart that breaks much easier,to find love? To find love.To love!

Let there be someone!  Someone beneath the stars above.
Someone that I can truly love, that loves me.  Loves me!
Let our hearts be one.  Let our hearts beat as a single drum!
Let our souls entwine as only one!  We are one.  Just one.
Hear my prayer and grant my plea.  Send that special one to me.
Like a dream for eternity.  Could there be?  Please be!
Kissing softly like the breeze.A touch that brings this soul
some ease.
Could there be?  Would there be? Be Love!


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    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 7 years ago

      Shabbat Shalom Chavari.

    • profile image

      Ilan 7 years ago