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A Question 8/30/12

Updated on August 30, 2012
Icarus | Source

A Question

Wrestling with mortality on bright lithium

I take steps back and forth or whatever is given them

Sometimes stars collide and burst in glee

Under the guise of trips on ecstasy

Or a mighty wind sweeps here and there

Hesitation finds its musical chair

Depending on what’s wrong with this:

“How does gravity give its kiss?”

Perhaps we weren’t really here before

And skipped the stream of black-hole pores

Did adhesion and cohesion really exist

If we didn’t love the next dimension’s fist?

Electric impulses run around like rats

In a maze built by mystic cats

And the purpose of the strategy?

Our fathers say “Son, we’ll see.”

More so diamonds crushed under heaps of time

Are judges of the Zodiac’s design

Religion plays hide and seek

For the elementally weak

If not for circles, circles spinning away

Nature is sure, and She is gay

Individuals are holy and so happily skewed

Each lifetime they come unglued

This sticky substance will never be seen

For eyes are blind to what life’s in cream

To the catcher’s mitt and striking bat

Of where children hang their hat.

-Mike Head (8/30/12)


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