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"A Recipe for Love" CatsReview

Updated on April 16, 2016

"A Recipe for Love"


Nicola Yeager

“Christmas at Carols” which is now titled “A Recipe for Love” is a heartwarming book about friendship, family, strength and change. I was introduced to “A Recipe for Love” on Twitter by one of my followers, who I follow as well, Nicola Yeager.

Great Read

I was struggling to find a new read and she was having a free promotion at the time so I downloaded her book. I began reading it and was immediately drawn in from the first chapter. I found Nicola's book to be charming with a taste of sweetness and fancied curiosity and intrigue. It is well written and the book never loses a step from beginning to end. I became friends with the characters and it was easy to visualize them in their surroundings as they cooked up desserts as well as a plan to save the bistro. “A Recipe for Love” would be a book that I knew I would not want to end.

A French Bistro

The book takes place in a French bistro which Carol owns with her partner Roksana. Her employees are bright and colorful and are more like family than workers and when Carol needs to overcome some emotional drawbacks in her life and concerns about the Bistro, everyone steps up to help her. Together they don't just overcome emotional issues but style great recipes along the way to create an outstanding menu. This book will make you wish you could reserve a table at Carol’s, “A Recipe for Love” is a great read not just for its food for but for its company.

I may have downloaded Nicola's book for free, but I have recently purchased other books by this amazing author. Download and enjoy yours today.

A Recipe for Love

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Rate "A Recipe for Love"


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