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A Reckless Driver nearly cost our lives

Updated on July 5, 2013

Reckless Driver nearly cost our live

It was now into two months of my daughter’s marriage and she was heavily pregnant at 5 month… She comes around to visit me and give herself a break especially through personnel marriage problem. Here they were again texting each other either being rude l don’t know what…. And it was only just yesterday that l was reading a profile of my cousins daughter who died two years ago at a young age... her profile was still there and l was just reading her dads message to her even though she is dead.

I showed that to my husband who suddenly y realised how important daughters are dear to their father’s heart.

The following day my married son came around and as usual he was teasing his daughter to the level that normal man would tease their sister like back in the child hood days.

‘Dad tells him to stop’, so the husband gave my son a speech about what he had read about my cousin’s daughter. Just shortly after that, my son had wanted a few things from the shops; l did not really want to go as l did have a bit of a head ace.

As l sat in the car l just held the seat belt as the first shop was not too far. When we reached there the daughter was still texting her husband back and forth.

‘He is being very silly and is a bit rude so l am going to ignore his calls’ she said.

We had to go to another shop as l sat in the car l chose to put the seat belt on. We were back on the main road and as we approached the train station l suddenly saw a black car pull almost into us… My daughter swirled across to the other side of the road… as everything in a flash was out of control…. Oh my Gosh’ l shouted….. and my daughter was heard crying , ‘Ahhhhhh’ she swirled the car around and back onto the right side of the road…. And in that instance we saw his car… and it looked like she was driving right behind him… and she swear out loud…. L managed to note now the first few letters of his number plate… repeating it in my head.

‘Are you alright’ l asked.

‘Does it look like l am alright’ she said. I told her to pull her car to the side… and we rang the police who of course did not bother but asked us to report that to the local police station and he offered to send an ambulance.

As we calmed down… l opened the dash board of her car and in there was our holy scriptures which my daughter keeps in the car all the time. This idiot could have got us to kill innocent people on a busy payment near the station. And the road on the opposite side normally have buses and cars but it was our very lucky moment that the road was clear when we swirled to that side of the road. (The traffic was stopped at the traffic light) other people in the cars coming from the opposite direction – this could have caused a very serious accident and the three of us would have been killed instantly….

Thank God my daughter and her unborn baby was safe. She was also surprised to receive a text from her husband which read, ‘friends’? and to think that would have been too late had he lost his wife and his child.

This is the face we saw in an instance that would have left a lot of people injured or killed. I just cannot understand as to how they pass their driving test.


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