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A Restless Night

Updated on November 29, 2016

“I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon Ted.” I waved and nodded with a pen in my hand. My life as a security guard for an old relic museum wasn’t so bad. 36k, full-benefits and two-weeks paid vacation a year. I worked the graveyard shift six days a week for forty-two years. Tomorrow I officially retire. I just bought a beach house and I’m ready to start the best years, the golden years. The guys want to throw me a retirement party tomorrow. I just got to get through tonight, man this place gives me goosebumps sometimes. It will be a nice change not to have to come into this creepy place anymore. I got through my last night without any incident. Must be my lucky day, I got to the station at 4p.m. all the guys that I worked with over the years. Jim, Berry, Tony. They all had shown up at the station with cake, balloons, cards and a couple of cold ones. “I just want to say, those all of you have been the best co-workers and man could ask for, the last twenty-years have been great… thank you.” “So ted, I bet it’s going to feel really nice not to have to pace empty halls after you a bump in the night, huh?” Tony said to me nudging my shoulder. “I’m looking forward to it.” We all laughed away a couple of hours enjoying each other’s company. “Well boys it’s been fun but I got to jet,” I shook each one of theirs hands and parted ways. It would be another week before I head to the beach. Ever since I retired weird things have been happening. I usually had very restful nights, but for the past week I could hear scratching from inside my mattress. I would wake up at 3a.m. confused and a little worried for my sanity. I realized it was nothing I went back to sleep. I wore a pendent that my grandmother gave me before she died. It was meant as a charm to ward off evil spirits. For six days I awoke at 3a.m. to scratching noises the sounds were coming from under me, finally fed up with being bothered. I went down stairs to the kitchen to grab a large carving knife. I started cutting into my mattress, starting at the top and cut all the way down to the bottom and ripped the two halves apart... nothing. So then I started on my box spring, then I pulled the fabric apart. I was horrified at the sight, there was a corpse. It looked as if it had been dead a long while. With its right hand against the center beam of the box spring, claw marks everywhere. But the most horrifying part is the corpse had been wearing the same pendent that I have on now. And in its left hand is a tiny piece of paper that said “run!” I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I ran out of the bedroom and down the hall. I was stopped by a robed figure, “you should have listened for the signs” the robed figure said. I couldn’t speak I was so terrified! “The pendent you wear is a beacon, and my targets wear them.” Before I could blink I was trapped in a small tight space, it was pitch black. Unable to speak or move anything except me hands, when I heard my voice in the distance. I started to scratch at the beams.


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