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A Review of Guru for Finding Freelance Writing Gigs

Updated on November 24, 2012

Getting Started as a Freelance Writer

Getting Started as a Freelance Writer (Culture Tools)
Getting Started as a Freelance Writer (Culture Tools)

having important tools and tips when starting out as a freelance writer is vital to success. This particular material will save you time and money while avoiding pitfalls of the freelance writing career.


Guru is an online resource for freelance writers searching for online writing gigs. The writing job website is responsible for connecting clients looking for employees with employees that are looking for jobs. This review will share several advantages and disadvantages of the web business. Determine if this particular company can be a useful source of income or not for your freelance writing career needs based on the information provided.

A number of other writing job sites offer similar services that are very competitive with Guru. These similar platforms offer a variety of different work for writers. Other industry competitors also provide an employment link up for clients and workers, but they are slightly different from Guru. What does this site have that other comparable websites do not? Some of the major differences between this site and others are outlined in the advantages and disadvantages described here.



One of the major advantages is the fee structure. Connections made for jobs with a client are generally not free of charge when using these types of online sources for freelance writing gigs. This means there is a fee due for connecting clients and employees.

Generally the fee is a percentage of the total payment to the worker or a flat fee for each employment link up. The fees with Guru are highly competitive compared to most other web resources for writing jobs. Lower fees through these services means you can make more money with your work.

Guru membership is free.


Not only does the freelancer job site hire to write content, they have clients looking for personel services for technology, creative art and business to name only a few other job opportunities. It does offer lots of posts for a variety of functions looking for an assortment of talent not related to writing.

Clients are able to post their projects free of charge which accounts for a great number of writing gigs and other business to select from for any worker looking for freelancer work.

Freelancer writers that also have expertise in other areas like web design or web developers will get extra income with other employment posted on the site as well.

Website navigation

The website platform developed by the business is wonderful. Tremendously easy to navigate and move around makes it stress free to view earnings, available work and other details related to a member account. Freelancers that are members can highlight their expertise along with any special skills to showcase talents to clients looking for employees.

A diverse team of support innovators and planners work with members to help develop the best marketing efforts and make certain a client and a member are connecting in the most profitable manner for both.


Payment is safe in an escrow account which is great for employment compensation. The escrow payment structure means funds for are paid up front to the business by the client and held by the company until work is completed. After work is completed the pay is released to the freelancer that performed it. This saves worry and time as well as resting assured payment will be made rather than chasing a client that won’t reimburse you for your hard work done.

Guru also has an online invoicing system for keeping track of your employment performed on the web. Some projects are hourly while others are per project. The system put in place for invoicing assures all hours and projects are accounted for and tracked professionally for detailed reimbursement pay.

Project fees

Project fees are generally between 5% and 10%. This means for every assignment Guru collects between 5% and 10% from the escrow payment for their connection service. The left over or difference is paid to the writer.

There is an option to bypass the fee percentage per project by paying a flat monthly fee for membership. The monthly membership cost is a flat fee each month for every undertaking no matter what the cost or the number of gigs completed for that month. A writing job paying you $100 will have the same fee as an entire project that pays $500.


Project fees

Project fees that meet the 10% charge is a hefty cost for a lot of writers and the projects they receive for freelancer writing gigs. Although there is a monthly membership to reduce this to a flat fee, most writers don’t have enough jobs on a regular basis or for enough money to make the cost of a percentage per function worth the while.

With a maximum project fee of 10%, this is a higher maximum than other similar industry writing sites.

Bidding process

Projects are won through a bidding process. Competitive freelancers are attempting to gain the same jobs as other members from the same client. There is a bidding process in place to determine who is awarded the business.

The bidding process does have a blind spot where you blind bid. Other bids are not visible to you while you place yours. This makes bidding somewhat difficult in ascertaining whether you are too costly with an overbid and not winning writing gigs or selling yourself short being too cheap and not making any money for a lot of work.

Highest paying jobs go to monthly membership payers

A lot of Guru members have complained the best jobs or highest paying jobs are by a large awarded to monthly paying members before other freelancers that do not have a monthly agreement for membership. There is no written verification on the site that this is a practice of the company.

Project descriptions

Project descriptions have received negative comments and feedback from people searching for writing gigs. Lots of freelancers complain numerous projects are vague and unclear in details which make the bidding process difficult for some. Additionally, detailed questions and conversations need to take place with clients after being awarded a job in order to determine what services are actually needed. This is time consuming and wasted precious writing time.

In conclusion

Guru has reformatted their website recently for a better experience for clients and workers. Hopefully the enhancements will reduce or eliminate some of the disadvantages of the writing job site. Additionally, they may be listening to what members and non members alike are saying about the online site disadvantages and working to improve them.

When compared with industry counterparts offering the same services Guru does have several benefits such as more than simply supplying jobs for writing content, an online invoicing capability and escrow service. Though, they are the same or even worse than others for services like the bidding process employed for client work, job preference for members and project fees.

Guru can certainly stack up against the best in the marketplace and can be given a fairly decent grade. Actually the site is considered not too bad as far as online freelance writing job sites go. The company boasts they are one of the largest marketplaces on the web for finding, hiring and managing affordable freelancers.

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