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Book Review: 'Trump - Why He is Right For America' by Ramos

Updated on January 27, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of two, and published sci-fi and horror author.


Few books can quote Ghandi and Ice Cube in equal measure, but this book manages to do so - but that isn't reason enough to read "Trump: Why He Is Right for America".

“Trump: Why He Is Right for America” is a 2016 political book by Kevin Monte de Ramos released just in time for the election. What are the pros and cons of this book? And how does it stand relative to other pro-Trump books?

It is not unreasonable to build a wall to keep out those who have said they want to kill you and often do.
It is not unreasonable to build a wall to keep out those who have said they want to kill you and often do. | Source

Pros of the Book

Mr. Ramos book compares Trump’s policy statements against the words of the Founding Fathers, the standard by which a Constitutionalist should be judged.

The book is very well researched. And very few books can quote both Mises and Ice Cube in appropriate context on the same person, Trump. Quoting Barack Obama from 2006 to argue against Obama and Clinton’s illegal alien amnesty today is golden.

Why should one vote for an outsider to the political process for 2016? Because the entrenched political parties are beholden to special interests/donors and demonstrably ignoring the law as passed in favor as how social opinion says they should be interpreted today. The author discusses this in detail in the book.

Trump’s brash and sometimes rude speaking comes from several sources. One aspect is that that is how people from New York speak. Another is that he’s rejecting political correctness. While some find this offensive, he is speaking to and for those who were belittled into silence or hate mobbed online for using a word that SJWs this week consider unacceptable. Thus Trump’s deliberate rejection of social justice censorship of the very words people may use garners him support of millions who have been rendered silent in day to day discussions.

Many of Trump’s positions are bashed as uncaring, insensitive. They ignore that his views are based on respect for rule of law, and the book references the Founding Fathers on why rule of law was considered so important. Many liberals also need to realize that if they support large groups ignoring immigration laws and drug laws, conservatives will have their precedent to ignore any new laws that they don’t like from new gun laws to hate speech laws.

Too few books overlook Trump’s peaceful stance, that we shouldn’t be bombing other nations in the hope of turning them into democracies, ignoring the fact they have cultures today currently incompatible with the liberal democracy we keep trying to turn the nations we liberate / conquer into. In contrast, Hillary Clinton’s Arab Spring support took the form of tearing down dictators and assuming democracy would result – and ignoring the fact that these bad men were so bad because they were controlling even worse people who became ISIS and Boko Haram. In nations like Yemen, removing the dictator resulted in civil war between fundamentalist factions. Trump’s stance of staying out of it and cleaning up our mess at home is the civil, peaceful solution. In contrast, the chaos across the Middle East is the result of Clinton’s mistakes.

Cons of the Book

It could have used an editor, with minor spelling and grammar issues. This may have been a result of the rush to get it printed before the 2016 election.

At roughly $8 for 60 pages, the price is a bit much.


The author touches on the topic of the unknowable number of laws that have been passed, something compounded by federal regulations with the force of law that are run by a federal bureaucracy so large and powerful it is now a fourth branch of government. Charles Murray’s book “By the People” goes into this in much greater detail.

The author is right that Trump is talking to the working and middle class that feel the ruling parties on both sides ignore them. Even the New York Times said Trump was right: if we count the completely un-employed, the under-employed and those who have simply given up looking for work or moved to Social Security Disability because long term unemployment ran out , 40.4 percent of Americans were unemployed in January 2016. One in six men of working age who were working ten years ago isn’t now, and that number does not include Baby Boomers who took early retirement because they were laid off. There are millions who have sunk into poverty desperately supporting the only person who has paid attention to their plight. Trump’s visit to a Carrier plant slated to be shut down and moved to Mexico tapped directly into the reality this group lives.

Deporting Muslims who support Shariah law in contrast to U.S. law, in essence those seeking to overthrow democratic government to replace it with a theocratic legal system, is not a violation of the Constitution. For example, FDR in response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor immediately suspended naturalization of Japanese, German and Italian citizens, made them register with the government and denied them use of items that could be used for espionage like cameras and shortwave radios. Internments came later. Another Democrat President, Carter, required Iranian students to register with the government and deported some. This makes Trump’s pronouncements to stop immigration of Muslims who may be sympathetic to terrorists mild, historically speaking. When combined with the fact that the 2016 NYC / New Jersey bomber and San Bernadino bombers passed the very weak vetting process, saying “we have to stop bringing them in and screen the ones here” very reasonable.


This well researched and succinct book is a good alternative to Phillis Schafly’s book “The Conservative Case for Trump”, since it is both shorter and cheaper. It is a decent book to digitally lend to a friend in the hope it will change their vote knowing they can't throw it at you and that they'll learn a lot of history in a short read.


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