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A Romance Novel: Crimson Skies - Scene Two

Updated on March 16, 2013

Romantic Adventure

Trent scurried about the cabin waiting for Summer to wake. His six-foot-four stature, combine with his thick dark hair, and what could only be described as the most hansom face ever, made him look like a model for how not to wear your dress shirt. Or maybe hanging half off and unbuttoned all the way is how the shirt was meant to be worn.

"Summer, Summer. Wake up we're in Chicago. The boat docked hours ago, what are you doing? he urged her to get up.

"I'm sleeping in. My job is like a vacation. You have to make sure all of the ammenities are suitable no matter where I am, including on a chartered boat."

"Well then, lets order something to eat before we get going," he said holding his hand over his stomach as if to convey some sort of urgency.They took a long shower together while the cook prepared the meals. You'd think they hadn't just been together last night.

"That was fast," Summer said digging into her raspberry chicken salad. "I could drink a gallon of this water after last night at the party on the lake." she continued drinking a whole glass right down. Water was her thing. Plenty of it, and plenty cold.

"Taxi, Taxi," Trent yelled as loud as he could."See, I know how to get around. he said looking her in the eye as if to say something about how she gets travels.. Or,doesn't for that matter.

"We're going to The Magnificent Mile to shop. Just drop us off somewhere in the middle and we'll find our way," he called over the seat to the cabby handing him what would be way more than the fare.

Running around a big city in the fashion district dressed in a wrinkled suit and tie isn't the way Trent likes to do things. He's always dressed to the nines. He wouldn't go out of the house without his hair combed and his teeth brushed if someone paid him. Of course when he's on the job he starts out that way but, inevitably ruins his clothes and ends up a mess.

"Here we are. Pull over here, " he said sliding along the seat after Summer to get out of the taxi.

They walked in one store and within 45 minutes he had a whole new vacation wardrobe. Since he goes through so many clothes he's gotten very good at shopping. Summer knew this or she wouldn't have embarked on a shopping journey with a man. She had her fill of that with an old boyfriend who used to take forever at the mall.

Since it was getting late they decided to go to at Mercat a la Plamxa known for their Catalan tapas, grilled seafood and steaks. The restaurant overlooks Grant Park where the Buckingham Fountain does not disappoint with it's brilliant colored light show at night.

"This is great. Our own private little room with a view," Summer said with a sip of wine at her lips. They very much enjoyed their dinner, and decided to go out into the park for a midnight stroll. The fountain was their destination. It was funny but, no one was around. It was so hot that night Summer just started getting into the fountain. She let the coolness run over her taut body cooling her just the way that Jamaican waterfall did last year.. Trent on the other hand couldn't stand it. He rushed into the water and took her and just held her for a moment. He knew how he felt about her, it was just Summer who didn't.

"I'm going to take you back to the Waldorf and rip your clothes off and set you gently on the bed and make grand passionate love to you for hours and hours. In this respect, he wasn't kidding. He had a knack for it. No one had to tell him what to do.


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    • lisasuniquevoice profile image

      Lisa Brown 5 years ago from Michigan

      Mr. Love Doctor,

      The character is in the tourism business. It's quite natural for her to travel around. How else would she get first hand experience? She actually needs to know the specific color of blue-green sea she reporting about. She's lucky, but you've got to remember she's the main character in a total fantasy.


    • Mr Love Doctor profile image

      Mr Love Doctor 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Boy, this lady gets around . . . Hawaii, Jamaica, Chicago . . . how does she have time for anything else?