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A Romance Novel: Crimson Skies - Scene Four

Updated on March 12, 2013

Romantic Adventure

"We won't do anything until I have you again," she said pushing him up against the wall."Right here. Right now." She slithered up his body and began to go for the ride she knew she'd remember all day.

"They're aren't anymore towels in here," she called out to Trent.

"It's your fault, you have to take ten showers a day, " he called back.

"I'm just going to call my friend and finish the tourist part of my day," she said sitting there at the desk drinking coffee and finishing her make-up and hair.

When she heard him pick up his luggage she rushed over to him engulfing him in her arms. She kissed him passionately while rubbing her hands over his fresh white shirt and tie and his impeccable Hugo Boss suit.

"Don't be surprised if I pop in on you tonight after we wrap," she said running her finger from the tip of his chin down to the length of his zipper.

"I'll keep your side of the bed turned down," he said making his way out the door.

"3-1-6-2," she announced as she dialed the phone. "Angela? Hi how'd you like to go to The Terrace at Trump for lunch on the roof. We'll look down at the Chicago River and out to Lake Michigan. It'll be great. We can catch up."

Angela jumped at the chance to see Summer. The two of them hadn't seen much of each other since their days back in East Lansing at MSU. Angela moved to Chicago right after college to put her Fashion Merchandising degree to some use for Neiman Marcus. She designs all of their displays and windows. She's so creative.

"I'd love to," she said cupping her soft brown tresses. She was stunning. With shoulder length curly hair, the body of an athlete, and dressed like a model, she could be one of the looks she puts together everyday at work. She could actually stand there and no one would know she was real. Unless she sneezed or something.

"Here's to you," Summer toasted Angela with her fresh iced lemon water.


"Okay us," she said as she sipped the cool drink under an umbrella table while the Chicago wind blew slightly over them.

They were on the top of the world, or at least it felt like it way up there. What and incredible view they had.

"So how's Trent?" Angela asked knowing it would be some kind of hot answer. She knew they have in in for each other, and they have since they met in Cancun a couple of years ago when she was there on a story and he was just taking a few days off.

"I wanted to get back in the shower and do him right there but he had to rush of to New York. Something about a stolen painting..."We did have a great time cruising down the lake on our way here. A great time. You know one of those times when it just keeps coming."

"You don't have to worry with him. He is delicious. He's really packing. He's got that sexy jaw line, that angular nose, all that dark hair, and he's got a body that just won't quit. What's not to love?

Summer snapped out of the picture Angela painted in her mind saying only, "Oh. You are so right. I'm definitely going to the East Coast tonight."

With those thought in mind Summer suggested they take a jaunt over to the Magnificent Mile and visit her favorite lingerie store Enchante'. If they had a telescope they could probably see it right from the rooftop. It's only a ten minute cab ride.

Summer had an armful of teddies, garter belts, corsets, chemise, and sexy bras. "I'm going to try these on. Good luck. Just keep looking."

Angela found a long spaghetti strap gown with a plunging neckline in satin. It was pastel pink too. She loved it. She didn't even have to try it on. She knew as always, a small would fit perfectly.

"I'm getting the black garter belt and bra, stocking, and these sexy 5" heels." Summer touted as she whipped out her credit card and put it on top of the pile.

"Are you going to wear that and those shoes under a raincoat when you board the plane tonight? Otherwise you might get a few looks."

"That's a great idea. I will." she said as she paraded down the street looking to shop until it was time for a bike ride tour at dusk.

"We'll stop by my hotel and change," Summer said getting into the taxi.

Before they knew it they were riding along the beach enjoying the cool breeze blowing over their warm skin."We're stopping? I thought..." Angela questioned.

"Just long enough to get some famous hot dogs at this little stand.

Before they knew it they were locking up their bikes and heading back.They kissed and hugged goodbye with a promise to keep in touch wherever they are. Angela picked up her things and headed for the airport.

"Knock. Knock. Knock," she pounded on Trent's apartment door on the Upper East Side.

"You're here? I thought...I don't care. Come over here. Is it raining out?"

"No but there's about to be a downpour in here," Summer said gleefully while slowly taking off her coat. Trent came up behind her feeling her from her garters to her ample breasts.

"It's so sexy I hate to take it off," Trent said breathing heavily while gripping her lacy bra. "But I'm going to."

"Oh! I couldn't wait. I had to see you. I need you tonight," Summer called out between her heavy breaths.

They were all over the place. He loves it. He told her once that she was the most acrobatic lover he's ever had. She ripped his clothes off and jumped on him like it was going to be her last time. Oh how the fit together.


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    • lisasuniquevoice profile image

      Lisa Brown 5 years ago from Michigan

      Mr. Love Doctor,

      If I keep listening to you and your ideas the rest of the scenes will be written. Maybe I'll include you somewhere in there. Maybe there is a secret. Maybe that will be the main conflict.

      You know, one thing you're doing with all of your comments is you're giving a lot of great ideas.



    • Mr Love Doctor profile image

      Mr Love Doctor 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Wait . . . what . . . Summer is FRIENDS with Angela? This just won't do. How can we have drama if Angela is okay with them? Unless, of course, Angela has a secret wicked plan to break them up?