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A Romantic Encounter

Updated on March 7, 2014


I have, here, detailed my one of the earliest poems. I must confess I was under powerful spell of the beauty to whom this poem is concerned. I wrote and I wrote it more for myself hence I used many things which were evident to me but are queer to the readers hence I would have it paraphrased so that you can easily get the feelings with which I have lavished this poem.

La Belle

In lethargic mood trotting was I

due to continuance reached the aim.

Beheld at the bus; found the seat.

Thinking about the carrier`s fame.

Exp :- The poet says that he was walking, but in dizziness and since he was continuously walking he reached the bus station from he would take a bus to his home. He found the intended bus he sat down in the bus and he was thinking about his career.

While progressing in the thought,

a soul breaks the progress.

Annoyed was I, but later besought.

The source of beauty must I confess.

Exp :- He was lost in his thoughts when some one disturbed him. So for an instant the poet was annoyed but later he just corrected himself because she was a beautiful girl who had done so.

Place of Making love

A romantic garden
A romantic garden | Source

She questioned me about the neighboring seat.

I in consent said, "Please have a meet."

Lass kept her bag "auspicious moment."

A meek lady: polite and innocent.

Exp :- The girl asked poet about the seat aside and poet happily said that seat is vacant. So she kept her bag on the concerned seat and it was a very happy moment for the poet since he had already become fond of her company.

But suddenly arrives another bus.

She leaves me forlorn on the triple seat,

and headed towards the bus in rush.

All blithe gone, to the fortune I beat.

Exp :- But for the same destination, where the beautiful girl wanted to go, came another bus. The girl decided to catch the second bus. The poet was very displeased because she was gone and hence poet was just sulking on his fate.

The symbol of beauty

Taj Mahal the greatest example of beauty.
Taj Mahal the greatest example of beauty. | Source

I firmly decide to confront her.

But the second bus starts.

So I ran for reaching earlier.

I entered due to some chivalrous exhorts.

Exp :- The poet determined to see her again moves to the second bus but in the mean time the second bus has started. Hence poet runs to catch the bus and despite the bus had acquired speed the poet just ran and boarded the bus due to some heroic instincts.

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I found the lost treasure.

And beheld the beatific feature.

The entire beauty is concentrated.

Tries to stare at her, but frustrated.

Exp :- The poet says that he found the girl and he begins to feast his eyes with beautiful sight that the girl offers. In whole bus there are other girls but to poet he can see none but her. He tries to see her as much as possible but intensification of his efforts lead to frustration.

I will be uncivilized in the society.

If I continually glance at her.

My heart aches when eyes could not get vision.

For her I am nothing but I am her greatest admirer.

Exp :- The author gives a reason that if he continuously gaze her the public in the bus will think him a loafer. Poet was seating ahead of the girl and hence he had to turn his head in order to see the beauty. Now sometimes he turns his head but cannot see because she was talking on her cell phone and looking on the floor. The poet clarifies that she does not know him but he is her greatest admirer.

In Solitude

Couples sitting together.
Couples sitting together. | Source

Though I mourn when the bus speeds,

'matchless beautiful sight', when she feasts.

Her thrilling voice emulates an enchantress.

If ceaseless time I get to behold her, that will be less.

Exp :- The poet says that he feels it very bad when the bus travels fast because it lessens the travel time. When the poet looked at her she was having her snacks and hence for the poet this beautiful sight cannot be compared with any thing else in the world. Her voice, when he listens, charms poet. The poet says that if all his life he gets only to see her that too is going to be unsatisfactory.

I love this romantic music

I chant god`s eulogy without speaking,

"inert the bus for ticket collecting".

God favors me the bus stops.

For the fault the conductor sobs.

Exp :- In his thought the poet prays the god to halt the bus-- for it will increase the duration of poet`s company with girl-- for ticket collecting as it is the trend in state transport corporation buses. The poet`s wish is accepted and the bus is stopped not for the ticketing but checking. The checking officer found some fault and hence the conductor just weeps and asks to forgive him.

If I were sitting consort her.

I would have reached in a magnificent world.

upon my sight, when her face gleams.

"The world of beautiful things." My heart deems.

Exp :- The poet is now over whelmed with feeling of departure. He says that if he would have been sitting aside the girl he would have reached in some more fantastic world. Whenever he gets a glimpse of her face he always thinks how beautiful the world is !

Couple from France

Couples spending their time together.
Couples spending their time together. | Source

But my imagination falls on the floor.

To get her last apparition, I implore.

The residence is few kilometers away.

I wonder, whether I will be knack to sway.

Exp :- But now the imagination of the poet is shattered and to see her last time he tries. The poet`s home is very near. He then says that he doubts whether he will be able to overcome the pain of departure.

I think whether I will confront her,

near in the future, or for ever.

Her eloquent voice will ever be heard ?

I beseech god, sorrowful departure to be endured.

Exp :- The poet thinks if he will see her close in future or at least again in his life. He doubts whether her eloquent voice will ever thrill poet again. Then he prays god to give him power to bear this painful departure.


This poem was written by me when I was in eleventh. I from my childhood have been greatly fascinated by the beauty wherever it is : in river, snow capped mountains, natural habitation and indeed female counterparts who exert powerful influence on a guy. I wish that some day she would read my poem and indeed it is the reason why I have publicized it. I welcome criticisms from my readers.


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    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 3 years ago from Lucknow, India


      Thanks for your wishes !!

    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 3 years ago from Philippines

      I hope she finds a way of reading this. But how can it be when you didn't even know each other's names! Let us hope God strikes her down with great love and she will see this poem. Good luck!