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A Rose After Dark ( A short fiction story by Alyssa Mener)

Updated on March 19, 2017

A Rose After Dark (Short Story by Alyssa Mener)

He sent me 2 dozen. 2 dozens roses after dark. He was a very dapper man. He was 18, with broad shoulders and promising brown eyes. I'm not sure how often I stared, but surly it was enough for him to notice.Everyday, was another day I waited. I waited for a sign, to tell me that it wasn't just me feeling these feelings.I knew, from the moment I met him at that cafe, that there was something different about him. His smile, his eyes, all seemed too familiar. They felt almost like, home. Then, on the first day of senior year, seeing him in my class, brought me hope. Everyday I would laugh at every joke, smile at every glance, and even quiver when our hands would accidentally brush against each other.

He seemed to be my equivalent, my other half. That day I got the courage to finally ask him for his number, was a day I'd never forget. May 17th, the day my life really begun. We started to hang out, and grow closer. One day, things seemed to change. He was over my house, we were watching some show about this girl who would always do stupid things, but her husband loved her anyways. I can't remember exactly what episode we were on, but he turned to me, and leaned in. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine and our tongues danced. I still remember the taste, and the way our lips moved in unison. How our bodies woke up with pleasure and love. How our minds and our bodies began to connect. Sparks are what I felt. Nothing could ever match this feeling. I thought to myself as we were getting more passionate with every moment that passed. I remember, right afterwards, how we stared at each other in awe. He asked me right then if we could start a relationship, he told me how he had been feeling things for me since our first glance.

I remember saying "I do" in front of our families. I remember the look on his face when I walked down the aisle. I remember the glassiness of his eyes as he smiled at me with that smile I fell in love with. That day, turned out to be one of the happiest days of my life. He was in a tux, not just any old tux. It was a black, beautiful tux with the most beautiful stitch work I had ever seen. His mom made that tux, before she passed, all by hand. The ring he gave me, was the most wonderful sight that has ever met my eyes. The fine gem gleams so brightly. It gleamed then just as it does now. His great grandmother got married with that ring, and so did her mother.

Our child is so beautiful. She would always laugh this cute little laugh and smile with her big blue eyes. Her curly brown hair was from her father. She had these cute puffy cheeks a dimples that would stop strangers on the street. She waddled around like a penguin. Her smile was his. Every time she laughed, I laughed and picked her up in my arms. I would raise her to the sky and smile. He would come up behind me and hug me as we would stare up at our masterpiece.

Today, was a nice day. It was full of laughs with all 5 of our creations. It was full of love from my soulmate. It was full of kisses and everything I had ever wanted my life to contain. I was getting ready for bed, when I noticed something strange. The porch light flashed on and I heard a little tune coming from outside. I opened the window and looked down to see David Torchman, the love of my life, holding up a speaker. The music was a faint sound that was all to familiar. It was the theme song to the show we first kissed to. I started to notice a path of roses that seemed to form a heart on our lawn. I quickly ran downstairs to thank David for this amazing life we'd built. When I finally reached him, he turned to me and whispered "Happy 30th anniversary.I love you." I cried into his shoulder and smiled "I love you too, David." We stared at the stars and laid down on the damp grass that coated our lawn. I lifted my head ever so slightly, and counted 2 dozen. 2 dozen roses around us.


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    • johnmariow profile image

      John Gentile 8 months ago from Connecticut

      A lovely romantic story.

    • profile image

      Andrei 8 months ago

      How cute!