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A Rose by Another Name

Updated on April 22, 2016

Alas! The birth of Spring is upon us
Pastel pedal's awaken from their pods
awaiting the woodland fairies approval
to stretch their cramped and delicate arms

Nests high above are alive, stirring in anticipation
oh what a beautiful sight!
Mother's patience waning quickly
itching to be free of her shackles and her
egg warming winter plight.

The arrival brings with it sunlight
and a warming breeze of change
cleaning out the salty clutter,
showering the land in sweeping rains.

The mountain trees stand taller
lush in their needles and leaves
preparing for the autumn
and the journey down from their reign

Alas! Spring has awakened
a mysterious blooming charm
and the rebirth of all things living
embraced in Mother's arms.


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