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A Rude Awakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 3

Updated on April 20, 2020
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed; I write.

I write this article surrounding a young princess who’s in love with a handsome basketball player; He was born into a middle-class family. The two are born into two separate classes, but unconditional love has a positive effect that no one has control over.

Love has a way of drawing the attention of the richest person, and he/she will experience they are not in control of it. It has a habit of happening when a person least expects it. Love is a deep feeling of strong attachment to another person and I believe most can agree with me when I say “it’s a unique feeling that can lead to a series of emotions when you can’t be with the person you love.”

We can find love to be the most significant energy drain of anything. Some people can connect and experiencing love to have a positive relationship, which is mood elevating. Another may not have the expertise with love, and it can suck the happiness and peace right out of them.

Love Is a Different Emotion:

Love is what one person feels for another, except love is not just a feeling, it's an emotion. Love is a different emotion, and when a person truly loves someone, a change to a trait can occur, and he/she can experience a full-flow of moods.

Love comes with a complex set of emotional behaviors. These emotions can be seen as an expression on the face. The emotion that can be easily noticed and characterized by feelings such as surprise, desire, anger, confusion, sorrow, attraction, sadness, happiness, and shock.

Eliza had to learn a lesson the hard way, she can only control her action, and hopefully, she has learned from her rude awakening to change her behaviors. Eliza problem is she was raised spoil getting everything she desired without any appreciation.

The servant, her mother, and brothers did everything to please her, the cleaning of the house, waiting on her hands and feet, but whatever they all did were never good enough. Eliza held everybody to such unattainable standards that it weighed heavily on their soul and sometimes the inner turmoil she held in when she felt nothing was good enough spilled out at the people. She claimed to love the most.

Mother’s Love:

Elizabeth witnessed the pain and hurt from her daughter, a rude awakening. Watching a child hurt is one of the most trying experiences any mother can encounter. Difficult as it may be, in Elizabeth situation, she's the blame for her daughter's pain. She raised her daughter to be spoiled and to believe she can get her heart desires. What she justifies as "good parenting" hurt her daughter later.

Elizabeth was a mother who allowed her daughter to get away with everything, and she let her call all the shots. She made command with a mean voice coming from her mouth. Eliza ruled the house like a drill sergeant, one who continually push to make everything sound better, look better, for them.

Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to. Greg Anderson

Eliza is a young woman people believed her heart is the center of her emotions. She has been known to display mix emotion, one-minute feels happy and an hour or two later, she unhappy and acting like a different young woman.

Only now she looks back wishing she had done everything differently, although forgiving herself deep, penetrating, full of meaning often lighted the load and brings about greater peace.

Henry reminisces back to vividly remember the day Elizabeth heard a loud noise coming from a room He and Eliza were in. After hearing the loud sound, Elizabeth ran into the room to see Eliza sitting on the floor in pain. As she sits on the floor, she was crying hysterically. Eliza was a kid who cries at the tiniest mishap or demands, and Elizabeth would fear she was seriously hurt.

Elizabeth didn't attempt to ask what happened; the first question out of her mouth was directed at Henry. “What did you do?” She asked angrily and demanded he tells her, and when he didn’t respond, she punishes him.

Perhaps, Elizabeth didn't know it, but afterward, Henry was so profoundly hurt that Eliza didn't speak up, she allowed him to be punished when he was innocent. Silent tears of a broken spirit slid down both his cheeks. Henry knew it didn’t matter what he did or said; he’d still be wrong. What happened would be his fault. He felt unloved, and as if life was very unfair.

And Henry was standing beside Eliza, a silent witness to the entire ugly scene. As Elizabeth rips him to a thread, shortly after he ran off to the sanctity of his bedroom, upset, and unbelief, this has happened. Elizabeth followed him to his room with unexpected rude words in her mouth, an unforeseen question came out of her mouth “You think I am too hard on you, don’t you?”.

Henry was at odds at what to do or say, he’d experienced her awkward parenting moments before and struggled. If only he could have mustered up enough courage to tell her, "Yes." He held no judgment or conviction in his eyes, only hurt and sadness.

Moreover, a simple response of “yes” would have confirmed what he held in his heart. Elizabeth grabbed Henry and shook him and told him he better apologizes to his sister. He feels for what, I'm innocent, and although the apology didn't come easily for someone who did nothing wrong, he opens his mouth and gives it anyway. When it came to Eliza, Elizabeth did everything and strived to make everything perfect for her all the time, but Henry knew what needed to be said and to whom.

During the wake of Eliza's life, Elizabeth found her rolled up in a curved position, crying in much pain. She took one of her hands and swiped her head with a cold towel and said to her, “I’m sorry." and sat down on the edge of her bed.

All Elizabeth wanted to do is find out what's wrong and ease her daughter's pain. Eliza was too miserable to answer, and she felt angry inside. A thought that was entering her mind is, "I bully others, and it makes me unhappy that I mistreat others, especially Monty.

Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. Whether there are social standards set in place that act against that, it doesn't matter because the people that love you for who you are are going to love you always, and you should love yourself always. Tye Sheridan

The look of unsure as to what to do was on Eliza's face. The need for help was in her eyes, she decided to use three simple words: Make it stop. It was then that Elizabeth saw the pain and hope in her daughter's eyes: Hope that things could be different.

Finally, She Realized:

Finally, when words came out of Eliza's mouth, she said, "I am so sorry and what I did was not right." "What is not right?" replied Elizabeth. “I boss others, rule and intimidate people and that's not right, yelled Eliza.

It's okay baby was Elizabeth words, but Eliza has learned better, and she said, "NO" it’s not okay. "It is not right, and I am going to stop. I will start treating people right. I am so very sorry,” I vowed to try as she screamed and cried.

From this experience, Harry observed his sister's heart racing, her palms sweaty, and she had no appetite during her two weeks of heartache and pain. She couldn’t sleep, although she was trying. Focusing on what’s going on around her was nearly impossible. After taking the time to talk to her, Harry realizes she wasn't sick, nor, in pain as much as it seems. It was something even more severe, she was in love!

Eliza was born and raised surrounded by ‘yes’ people, individuals who did not tell her no, she had to learn that’s not necessarily a good thing. She's in love, and if she wants to develop a relationship with the guy of her dreams, she'll have to check her power and authority at the door.

Monty is a young man with a unique ability. He has extraordinary dreams, and his precognitive dreams are visions that appear to predict the future. Monty does his very best to help people he sees in his dreams in need of his assistant. He saw Eliza's hurt and sadness in his dream and desires to help ease her pain.

Monty, the young man of Eliza's dreams, has given her an unexpected visit and his present is a complete shock to her. His visit is something no one saw coming. Nonetheless, Eliza's face shows she okay with his visit.

Monty asked Eliza can they talk in private; she introduces him to Harry and asks Monty to step out on the balcony. Harry shakes Monty's hand and tells Eliza he'll be in the house if she needs him. The look on Eliza's face told and confirmed everything Harry learn about his little sister, her heart desires to be with Monty.

Before he opens his mouth and said a word, Eliza asks can I speak first? All of Eliza's life, she considered herself as one powerful, influential young woman, but what she didn't know, she learns from “What makes us human?” One of the greatest needs of humans is to be loved. Eliza now realizes that sometimes life forces you to get ready and face reality, but no matter how prepared you are, some things can destroy you if you don't know how to deal with the circumstances.

The rude awakening that happens to Eliza made her lose herself and disconnect from everything around her. She has to find a way to get past her terrible disappointment to continue to live a healthy life. Possibly, Eliza will begin to pay more attention and discover the person she is rather than the successes she achieved. It’s time for Eliza to be the person she was meant to be instead of some idealized version her mother created her to be.

As a rule, female sociopath, the heartaches she occurred made her think that criticizing, belittling, or critiquing others less fortunate than her, will not make her more likable, or more trusting, or better than others.

Parents that want their children to become who they’re anticipated to be must take on the responsibility of raising and disciplining their child when he/she wrong. Stop the impossible pursuit of perfection and bear in mind that the wrong parenting style will affect your child's behavior and health.

And it's hard for a child to become the person they're destined to be when they are not allowed to hear the word, "NO" for the things they don't need or be corrected in their time of wrong.

One can’t help but wonder what Eliza will say to Monty, will she tell him something that will change the way he looks at her? What will Monty do since he visited Eliza? He has a gift to assist others, and It’s no secret he willing to help her in that manner, but can he contribute in other ways as well?

Stay tuned, follow me on this journey of princess brat rude awakening and learn if Eliza ready to make a change as she vowed. Also, learn the answers to each question and so much more in part 4 of, A rude awakening, a massive effect; the day the world stops turning.

A Rude wakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 3!

Do you agree, watching a child hurt is one of the most trying experiences any mother can encounter?

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Opus Dai - Touch the Sun EP: "The Day the World Stopped Turning"

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Pam Morris


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