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A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 2

Updated on March 31, 2010

As Dr. Broucek is explaining the process, suddenly a blinding indigo blast followed immediately by a fireball tosses them across the parking lot. Dr. Broucek and Jordan are somewhat shielded from the blast by the ALT News crew that was positioned between them and the now demolished building. The producer, assistant and soundman are horrifically mauled and dead. Cameraman Wright, Dr. Broucek and Jordan are lying next to the overturned studio remote truck, barely moving.

Days later, Jordan is being released from hospital. Other than some lacerations and minor burns his only injury was a concussion. Charlene and her sister Chloe are by Jordan's side as they exit the hospital and she insists that they go home so that he can take more time to recuperate. Jordan holds Charlene's hand and states that he has to go to the studio. Charlene pulls her hand away brusquely. He's already missed a week of newscasts for the first time in his career and it's time for him to go back to work. Charlene and Chloe complain stridently but Jordan holds firm. He is a newsman and he has to do his job. Charlene reluctantly agrees but whines she will drive him to the studio as he shouldn't drive. They walk towards her SUV and she leads him to the left hand door. Jordan looks at her quizzically as that is the driver's side. He opens the door but finds that the steering wheel is on the other side! He sits as Charlene enters the SUV from the right hand door, Chloe jumps in the back seat and they start driving away. Jordan asks Charlene when she traded her truck in for the British version, but Charlene says that he really needs more time to recuperate.

At the studio, the whole crew is happy to see him back. They have large floral arrangements and a huge "Welcome Back Jordan" cake. Jordan enjoys the festivities then rushes off to makeup as the time for the newscast is approaching. Soon back in his element, the floor director gives him "In three... two... one..." and Jordan launches the newscast once again. Reading off the teleprompter, he introduces the lead elements.

"This is ALT News. I'm Jordan Jensen. I'd like to thank Hank Bradshaw for covering for me while I was recovering. Today, Barry Thompson is at SUNY New Paltz to examine the aftermath of the explosion that destroyed the superstring project. Greta Hendricks is at the World Trade Organization meetings in Sydney. Alex Brunillo is with our troops fighting in Malaysia..." Jordan reads that line as if he is confused. "...and our first guest is the European Union Chancellor from Berlin, Eva... Hitler???" Jordan looks off-screen as if someone is playing a joke on him. On the interview screen, a 60 year-old distinguished woman with silver hair is standing in front of the royal blue EU flag with the circle of golden stars around a golden swastika. The studio producer is speaking through Jordan's earphone to get on with the interview. Jordan turns around himself expecting to see some sort of clue that this is a big put-on. He looks at the screen behind him, showing a political map of a very different European continent. A huge EU without internal borders stretching from the Ukraine to Portugal, the UK separate but including Ireland, Denmark and Normandy. The North African coast is one large Caliphate which includes everything from Southern Spain to Israel.

A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 3

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