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A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 3

Updated on March 31, 2010

Jordan now knows that this is a joke. He turns back to Eva Hitler and begins a tongue in cheek interview. "So, Frau Hitler, or should I say Heil Hitler..." Jordan gives the salute. Eva is demonstrably offended. "...have you considered growing a little moustache just like Daddy?" Eva gasps. The studio producer goes berserk. He yells to cut and go to commercial.

Over the next weeks Hank Bradshaw is back in the anchor chair while Jordan is examined by leading psychiatrists and neurologists who can find nothing wrong with him, except for his insistence that things are not the way they should be. They try to explain to him that the post traumatic shock and the concussion could have caused him to have these delusions, but Jordan insists that he is right and the rest of the world is insane. Everything is different to Jordan. He tries to explain to his doctors and peers his version of the world, which does not include the three power blocs: the Nazi-dominated European Union, an enormous British Empire which stretches across equatorial Africa and Asia all the way to Australia, and a repressive, Communist Sino-Japanese Federation with a fearsome military base on the Moon.

In this world the United States is an isolationist, horseshoe-shaped coastal country (with the midwest, mountain states and most of Canada belonging to a First Nation confederacy) which is closely allied to the huge, pacifist and neutral Arab Caliphate. This alliance is made possible by the fact that Israel is not in the Holy Land but in southwestern British Columbia! The nation's capital is in Lincoln, Louisiana since Washington got nuked in World War II. The President has just been elected to his third term and is John F. Kennedy Jr.

Almost everything Jordan sees is wrong in his mind. Computers have no keyboards since they feature highly efficient verbal interfaces, but cars drive on the wrong side, are fueled by hydrogen and have no automatic transmissions. Churches have crosses and crescents above them and read from the Bible and Quran the gospels of Jesus, Son of Allah. Pork and alcohol are outlawed, but marijuana and khat are available at corner stores. The country is awash with illegal Mexican immigrants who only speak French. Normal office hours are 3 to 11 pm. The national sport is a contact form of lacrosse. Executions are performed on prime time television, with the condemned able to escape the lethal injections if they pass a series of reality-show challenges. Euthanasia is happily practiced as is polygamy. The number of wives a man has is keyed to his income, with billionaires possessing large harems of joyfully well-tended women. Chloe is not just Charlene's sister but his third of four wives.

As mad as this world seems to Jordan, the "real" world as Jordan describes it seems mad to those around him. In a meeting with network executives, his doctors explain that they cannot forecast when Jordan will return to "normal" and be able to resume his duties. The execs inform Jordan that he is on indefinite leave and Bradshaw will remain in his role. Extremely dejected, Jordan leaves the studio and as he is making his way across to his strange car in the dark parking structure, a hooded man sneaks up behind him, sticks what seems to be a gun barrel in the small of his back and whispers to him to head for the stairwell. Jordan obeys.

A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 4

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