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A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 4

Updated on March 31, 2010

The man leads Jordan to the stairwell door where he smashes the overhead security camera with what was actually not a gun but a metal rod. He closes the door and drops his hood to reveal he is Chuck Wright, the cameraman. His face is badly burned and he wears an eyepatch. Jordan is amazed as he had been told Chuck had died of his injuries. Chuck stares at Jordan with his one eye and calmly states "Jordan, we're right and they're all wrong."

The sun is rising over the large, wooded Brooklyn Central Park. Jordan and Chuck have spent the night comparing notes. Chuck had been considerably more vocal than Jordan in his repudiation of this world order and had overpowered a hospital guard to escape. He had been living on the streets for days, laying low and waiting for his chance to approach Jordan. When he read the tabloid headlines about Jordan's "bizarre" behaviour he knew that the newsman was still the same and not part of this crazy upside-down world. Jordan tells Chuck that he had visited Dr. Broucek in the hospital but he was barely conscious and could not speak. Chuck says that they have to pay him another visit and get him to talk as he may still be like them and could hold the key to explaining what happened to the three of them when the superstring project exploded.

Later that day, Chuck and Jordan in appropriated hospital maintenance uniforms sneak into Holy Heart of Mohammed Hospital's Intensive Care floor. They explain to the head nurse that they need to replace leaky toilet fittings and enter Dr. Broucek's room. Once inside, Chuck administers an injection of adrenalin and Dr. Broucek's eyes soon open. He is drowsy but somewhat coherent. Jordan and Chuck try to explain what has occurred and ask him if the superstring project could have created that. Dr. Broucek cannot believe what he is being told but can judge Jordan and Chuck's sincerity. He realizes they are not lying to him. Dr. Broucek explains haltingly that it is possible that the superstring vibration breached the threshold between two parallel universes which are almost identical but not quite. The explosion could have phased them into the adjacent universe. Jordan asks him what happened to this universe's version of them. Dr. Broucek postulates that it is possible that the ones from this universe are now in "our own" universe. Jordan settles back in a chair and mutters "that means that polygamist is now screwing my wife..."

Chuck asks what could be done to get everyone back where they belonged. Dr. Broucek states that there is nothing that he knows of. He asks Chuck and Jordan if they remember a blue flash just before the blast. Both agree that they saw it. Dr. Broucek says that the only thing he could think of was to analyze this blue flash for clues as to what happened in the superstring explosion. Chuck replies that they were thrown up against the studio remote truck and that since he was taping at the time, there would be a copy of the footage in the truck even though his camera was destroyed. Jordan and Chuck agree to go find the tape and get it to Dr. Broucek.

A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 5

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