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A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 5

Updated on March 31, 2010

A moonlit night finds Jordan and Chuck making their way across a junkyard to the wreckage of the studio remote truck. They pry a door open and enter the truck. The interior is demolished, but there are several tape cartridges lying around. They collect them all and sneak back out.

In a suburban motel room, Chuck is connecting a tape player to the room's TV. Jordan is sorting through the tapes but none of them are labelled, so they will have to watch them all. He picks one at random and inserts it into the player. Chuck hits Play. The tape is of the Children's Charity Fundraiser that Hank Bradshaw covered the day before the New Paltz blast. The only problem is that Bradshaw is speaking fluent Japanese! Chuck thinks that it might just be a soundtrack overlay, but Jordan points out that the Fundraising signs in the background are in Japanese as well! They watch the other tapes to find equally familiar sequences, but all set in a Japanese-speaking world. Finally they arrive at the New Paltz tape. It is also in Japanese, but at least the indigo blast sphere is clearly visible in stop motion. Even though they cannot explain the Japanese aspects of these tapes, at least they have images of the blue flash to show Dr. Broucek.

The hospital maintenance scam works on the head nurse again and Jordan and Chuck enter Dr. Broucek's room. This time, he is conscious and sitting upright. He greets them like long lost friends. Apparently Dr. Broucek has been reading newspapers that confirmed Jordan and Chuck's story. He realizes that the three of them are the only people here from their own universe and if they have any hope they have to stick together. Chuck pulls out a portable tape player with a built-in monitor. He shows the blue flash in ultra slow motion to Dr. Broucek several times. Dr. Broucek states that there are some interesting characteristics to the flash that could lead him to understand what happened. Jordan breaks the news to him that all the footage was in Japanese. Dr. Broucek slumps back down in his bed, on the verge of tears.

Jordan asks him what that means. Dr. Broucek slowly explains that the truck was also phased but in a different manner. It came from yet another parallel universe. Jordan and Chuck are totally confused. Dr. Broucek asks Jordan who the President of the United States is. Jordan replies George W. Bush. Chuck looks at Jordan incredulously. He says it's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Broucek buries his head in his hands and sighs that the President is Bill Gates. By this point, Jordan and Chuck are completely lost. Dr. Broucek utters in a sad monotone. "Don't you understand? Each of the three of us are from a different universe."

Jordan asks how that will influence their chances of getting home. Dr. Broucek replies that if it was impossible before, it's inconceivable now. It would be like unscrambling three separate eggs. Chuck says that he needs a drink, and he doesn't mean grape juice.

A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 6

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