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A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 6

Updated on March 31, 2010

The three now have to accept that they will have to live the rest of their lives in an unfamiliar world and they all approach it in different ways. We see the developments as they occur. Dr. Broucek flies to Cambridge to work on the British Empire's superstring project which was decreed an imperial priority by Empress Diana after the American failure. Chuck joins a bohemian anti-establishment commune in the Appalachians and develops underground moonshine stills. Jordan is unwilling to fulfill his martial duties to his four wives, so they all file for divorce with messy allegations about Jordan's insane insistence of this "alternate world" and his "inability to perform" which the tabloids cover with great relish. These divorce laws stipulate that all wives must receive equal shares and the husband must cover all legal costs, thus Jordan is soon broke. With his last bit of money, he gets a residency visa to the First Nation and moves into a small ramshackle cabin in the Lewis Range of the Grand Tetons where he works as a scribe for the locals who fortunately don't recognize him now that he has gained weight and grown a thick beard.

Years have passed and Jordan's cabin is a bit more homey. Jordan has taken up needlework to pass the long winter nights and colourful quilts now adorn the cabin's log walls. His scribe work is only a few hours a week and earns barely enough to keep him fed and housed, so he has turned to other pursuits. He is writing, by hand, a volume of several thousand pages outlining the history and condition of his world. He does not expect that it will ever be published, as it sounds like the rantings of a madman. But he had to pay tribute in some way to the memory of a world he will never see again. One blustery winter day he is working on a chapter on the American space program when he hears a loud knock on the door. He goes to open it and to his great surprise finds Chuck standing there. "Damn, Jordo!" Chuck exclaims. "Do you know how hard you are to find? And are you gonna lemme in or freeze to death out here?"

Jordan welcomes Chuck and gets him a hot cup of coffee, which Chuck spikes with a flask from a hidden pocket in his jacket. They begin to chat and Chuck announces that Dr. Broucek contacted him and asked for the both of them to go to Cambridge as soon as they can. Apparently he has had some sort of "gobbledigook technobabble breakthrough" and he thinks that by "reconfiguring the deflector array through the EPS conduits to emit a tachyon pulse to the Klingon warbird" he can restore them all to their own universes. Counting on the fact that Empress Diana has adopted it as one of her pet projects, and dangling the prospect of unlimited energy generation in front of the Imperial Treasury, Dr. Broucek has ensured that an ample supply of millions of pounds sterling have been flowing through the Cambridge Superstring Project.

At first, Chuck wasn't interested. Life on the commune has been good to him. It was hard to turn his back on all the moonshine he can drink and unlimited access to all the women in the commune, where everyone is sexually available to everyone else. But he was homesick for his family and mostly for his dog, and decided that if there was a chance to go back he would take it. It took him several weeks to track down Jordan. He even got a message to the Blackfoot Tribal Government in Kalispell, but even they were unable to forward it to Jordan's remote cabin before Spring. So he had no choice but to get a 10-day tourist visa and go find Jordan himself.

It takes Jordan all of a second or two to decide that he wants to go back. His life in this universe has not been a pleasant one. He will take any chance to return to his home and his real wife. Two days later Jordan and Chuck board a Pan Am Clipper for the 90 minute suborbital flight from San Francisco to London. Fortunately Chuck had enough money for both tickets. The flight is particularly festive as it carries the whole San Francisco 49ers Lacrosse Team which is going to play the London Monarchs for the SuperBowl, and these boys turn the short flight into a party.

A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 7

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