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A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 7

Updated on March 31, 2010

Once in Cambridge, they are warmly greeted by Dr. Broucek and given VIP suites at the Hilton. No expense is spared to make them feel at home. Chuck particularly appreciates his unlimited tab at the Hilton's pub where he quickly develops a penchant for downing dozens of pints of Guinness, while he keeps remarking to anyone within earshot how great British civilization is for glorifying alcohol. Jordan spends many hours in his room watching BBC News 24. He is amazed at the completely different world view of the Empire's broadcasts. He now understands that American news is manipulated by the government while the Empire allows its journalists free rein.

The Sino-Japanese military threat is far more serious than the Americans are led to believe, with frequent global terrorist and sabotage attacks that are never mentioned on the American news. MI5 Intelligence has uncovered a plot to assassinate Empress Diana and her son Prince William, completing the attempt to decapitate the monarchy that they began years before when they killed Emperor Charles. The British will be moving the monarchy to the Raj in Columbo where Imperial Honour Guards can better protect their Majesties by effectively sealing off the entire island of Ceylon, but Empress Diana insisted that she be present at the Superstring Project launch as her last Royal Attendance in her native England before moving to India. Prime Minister David Bowie, Imperial Affairs Minister Mohandas K. Gandhi III and much of the Westminster Cabinet will also be in attendance.

Over dinner in the Hilton's three-star restaurant, Dr. Broucek fills in the blanks for Jordan, although Chuck is far more interested in the Guinness. He has been able to convince the Imperial Science Council that the way to overcome the last obstacle to the Holy Grail of unlimited electrical power generation is to re-enact the New Paltz explosion but by utilizing negative polarities. In other words, doing the same experiment but backwards. Everything that was originally phased out of their own universe had to be there, that's why he had the wreckage of the studio remote truck and the remains of the producer, assistant and soundman shipped to Cambridge. In order for the inverse blast to be successful it has to duplicate as closely as possible the circumstances of the original. The Empress and dignitaries will be present next Wednesday, thus everything has to be ready by then. A very inebriated Chuck pipes up, "Hey, Doc, I lost an eye last time, am I gonna lose the other one this time?" Dr. Broucek explains that they will all be wearing what looks like armoured spacesuits to protect them from the effects. If every thing goes well, they will instantly find themselves back in their own universes a split second after they left and everything will be as it once was for each of them.

The morning of the experiment dawns with typical English dull overcast and light drizzle. A Rolls Royce limousine picks up Jordan and a barely conscious Chuck at 7 am sharp to take them from the Cambridge Hilton to the Physics compound amidst maximum security. Jordan counts a total of eight blackened-window Range Rovers escorting the limo. Chuck is gabbing away to the driver, drunk to the gills. "In the England in my world, you Brits drive on the left side and we drive on the right. In this weird fraked up world, you drive on the right and we drive on the left and I dunno what the frak..."

They arrive about a half hour later at the Physics compound after crossing several armoured checkpoints. The level of security is overwhelming, but Jordan understands that with the Imperials and most of the British Government attending, it is certainly understandable. Uniformed Imperial Army officers with Uzis drawn escort Jordan and Chuck to the preparation room where they take over an hour to be fitted into their armored suits. At one point Chuck passes out and has to be held up by IAs while his preparations are completed.

A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 8

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