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A Sample Screenplay Treatment - ALT News Part 8

Updated on March 31, 2010

A half hour later they are escorted again under armed guard to the location of the experiment. Jordan and Chuck struggle under the weight of the huge armoured suits. A section of the parking lot has been built into a reenactment of New Paltz. Walls, slopes, landscaping, even cars are the same as they were that day. The wrecked studio remote truck is on its wheels and in its original location and the embalmed but partially decomposed bodies of the producer, assistant and soundman are propped up where they once were. The space where the New Paltz Physics Building should be is filled with a very large cylindrical building with a central sphere eminating pulsating sequential lights. "Hey, it's just like the Enterprise's Warp Engine," Chuck exclaims to a puzzled IA. "Oh, I forgot you frakers don't even have Star Trek... What kind of a fraked up frak world is it that doesn't even fraking have fraking Star Trek?"

Jordan and Chuck are led to specific positions and moved to stand in specific footprint depressions. Once in them, they are latched into place so that they cannot move. Dr. Broucek is now moved into his footprints and latched in. They can only speak to each other via intercoms in their bubble helmets. Chuck is babbling so they ignore him. Soon the dignitaries are led in. PM Bowie, Minister Gandhi, and the top government Ministers, including Home Secretary Tony Blair, Transportation Secretary Sir Richard Branson, Education Secretary Lord Conrad Black, and Energy Secretary Cynthia Lee Wong. Once accomodated, a brass band starts playing God Save The Empress, everyone stands at attention and Diana, looking resplendent in a silver satin gown and Imperial Tiara, accompanied by handsome William in a sharp St. Andrews Kilt enter the staging area. Diana and William sit, the dignitaries follow them and Dr. Broucek's intercom informs him that they are ready.

The pulsating sphere increases in intensity and frequency. Chuck remarks in a fake, drunk Scottish accent "Aye, Cap'n, I canna give ya any more power... my poor engines..." Dr. Broucek is continuing a technical chatter with the control room which is reading out rapidfire figures to him. Jordan is so apprehensive that he is saying nothing at all. A countdown begins from the control room... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4...

Suddenly Secretary Lee Wong jumps to her feet. She screams "Long Live The Sino-Japanese Regime! Death To The Imperial Swine!"

IAs swivel and riddle her with bullets but her hand is on a deadman's trigger to her plastique explosive corset. The indigo flash blinds Dr. Broucek, Chuck and Jordan and then a half-second later, the blast from the explosion smashes into them.

Jordan's eyes snap open to see a luxurious private hospital suite. The curtains are drawn but a reading lamp shines over the sofa where Charlene is reading a copy of Vogue. Jordan turns his head and in a soft but hoarse voice calls her name. Charlene drops the magazine and rushes to his side. She hugs him and covers his face with tender kisses.

"How... long..." Jordan asks, barely being able to speak. Charlene replies that he has been out for three days since the explosion, but the doctors say he will be fine.

"Who... is the... president now?" Jordan asks.

"The president?" Charlene says, confused. "Why, George W. Bush, of course. You haven't been out that long, honey!"

Jordan smiles and closes his eyes again, as tears of joy stream down his face. Charlene encourages him to rest and tells him that everything will be okay and they will both be home very soon where she will nurse him back to full health. She rises to open the drapes to let some warm sunshine into the room. We see a magnificent vista out the hospital room window of needle-like spiral towers soaring into the clouds amidst streams of flying cars.


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