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A Series of Haikus

Updated on May 3, 2011

A Series of Haikus - April 2010

A Series of Haikus

So I want to write
In haiku form my thoughts, feelings,
And emotions too.

Right now I am in
Flonette 2nd Singles Ward
But I’m moving soon

Which is a good thing
For I’m not interested
In any females

None are attractive
To me, I wish there was one
But there’s none at all

That ketch my fancy
So I am going to move.
I had to move still

Before this problem
Because Jared is selling
His house we must move.

I’m working at thrive
There is a girl there that’s cute
I would like to date

But I will not date
Because its not what I do
Just cause they are cute

That’s where I’m at now
Searching for someone to date
I will find one there

Is what my hope is
For my move up to Orem
Keep your fingers crossed

- Chris Hupp

Here are a few other poems:

The Kings Five Daughters
Long, Long Ago Far Above the sea
Lay a kingdom not that much larger than our part of the valley
It was beautiful and strong with buildings of marble
And a king with five daughters was at the head of its rule
It flourished and thrived under peaceful bliss
Never graced the earth a more happy and humble people than this.

How Newton Discovered Gravity Poem
As I sit under the apple tree,
an apple falls on top of me...


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