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A Shift of Power

Updated on October 29, 2022
Poetic Word Bird profile image

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Five Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...

A Shift of Power

New cold and calculated bureaucracy in the White House, In the Senate House and other branches of Government...

Expect to regress with the conservative attitudes running amuck and unchallenged, with Laws and changes that only benefits them and their friends…

Expect a changing and rearranging of the lives of decent people who can’t afford to keep up with all the projected cuts in Service, in the Workforce, and in Health and Social facilities…

A Shift of Power…

Death Penalty will become a reality in many states, higher unemployment, more madness, and Turmoil will be at an at all-time high… Police Brutality is already rising in every county, every city...

“Stand Your Ground” has been adopted and will be legalized in every Trump State…Blacks and other Colored folks need not apply…

Registered Voters had a voice too bad many made the wrong choice…

Inner cities Blues, many people hysterical and confused, tales of the unsuspected we all know the wrong man got elected…

A Shift of Power…

Racism is no longer in hiding it is seeking to exert itself on the Nations of Color with impunity…

Be prepared, be aware of Four Years of Racist Ways trying to emulate a past long gone, trying to revive and revisit a painful time in history, where the Tribes of Color stayed in misery…

Four Years of Arrogance, Lack of Leadership, Bad Judgement, Affluenza, Coldness and Callousness, mix with inexperience, Venomous Mouth, who sits in The Big White House with all that Power at his disposal...

A Power that could lead to Wars on every shore, lead to anarchy, and triggering the uniting of the people, from All Walks of Life, coming together for a common goal to Save Humanity…

The Ancients drums slow beat has become a rapid beat, people are taking to the streets, unafraid, tired, and fed-up and want Real Change.

A Shift of Power in the Wrong Hands will lead to the Down




It was written and it is being done, Hell is being unleashed, and Justice has been forced to get lost...

Shift of Power or not, the Black Waves will not be stopped, and we cannot turn back the hands of the clock...

Time gone, is time gone... Open your mind when you open your eyes, denial has ruled long enough...

Come every Election Day, I pray that people search their heart, see with their own eyes, and vote to bring the Power back to All the People, not just Privilege People...


© 2020 Malik S Canty


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