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A Ship Called Destiny

Updated on March 7, 2014

Tossed and battered her wood groaned under the gale
Mast and stern to and fro no wind could find her sail
Darkness masked the light and the stars refused to shine
Compass left in circles and no promised shore for her to find

But something in her bowels refused to stop the fight
Knowing somewhere in the darkness love would shine her light
Wave after wave she endured until all hope it seemed was lost
But the Ship they called Destiny in her moors had count the cost

Now from the docks of chance she sailed one for all
From a far away horizon a promise of love would call
At risk of aft and rudder she sailed through the storm
And in the darkest hour her hope for love was born

Aside the burdened ship another now is seen
He risked the gales too and the raging bolstering sea
He threw her ropes of hope across her starboard side
He weathered with her long until the morning light

Now from the nearing distance a cry is heard, “Land Ho!”
Lights of love now guide them, both ships are finally home
Though battered, bruised and beaten they appear to be
They bind together tightly at the moors of destiny

Soon to sail again into new waters known by them
A course set by the Captain who sits at the helm
Pulling close beside the two sail now as one
Compass bearing hard to North they ride into the sun...

© Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.


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    • Dwayne Terry profile image

      Dwayne Terry 8 years ago

      Very nice. You certainly have a gift Chad.

    • Chad L Taylor profile image

      Chad L Taylor 8 years ago

      hey chad that is a very nice poem very heartfelt and true..i actually just read a book...heres a passage if you don't mind..He still felt a drift,far from land at the mercy of the relentless surf. But for the first time, He caught sight

      of a light in the distance,as when a boat crests a storm-tossed wave,offering a glimpse of the distant shore. And that little glimmer of light gave him hope that perhaps at long last he was approaching solid land once more. Its about two people meeting and being brought together by God..interesting though to me about the stormy familarity of the two

    • profile image

      Barbara Kenton 8 years ago

      This is so beautiful...I know what its about! You guys have weathered the storm and the safe harbor is in the arms of one another. And the Lord is the Captain.

    • profile image

      Patty Payne 8 years ago

      Chad that is wonderful and spoke to my soul. What a gift God has given you. Keep writing.