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A Short Story: My Nose

Updated on November 29, 2012

My huge, enormous nose was on his own again. I bet he had overheard the conversation between my eyes the other day, when they were crying. My nose thought "Heeeey, I can do it too, I can run, I can be wet all over her face and I can bleed the hell out of here". But at that moment he didn't say a thing. Just stayed in his place. Waited patiently while I cried myself to sleep. And when I was asleep, he packed my eyes in my cheekbags and off he went. My lips wanted to follow him, but he never really liked them. These baby twins used to talk too much for his taste. So he kissed them both goodbye and run away, leaving a wet rail behind. I woke up. I couldn't see. My hands reached for the face and... I realized they're gone. My eyes, my cheeks and that bugger nose. At least I have my mouth, I thought. And my belly. And my ears.

So, it's some blues, cigars and whiskey today. Wouldn't be the first day, anyways. And it's not like I go out in public, I thought. So it's not the big deal. I won't see no evil, won't even have a faint smell of it. I took a big sip of whiskey and sung a couple of lines in my too low and too dusky voice "No more headaches when you're gone, my love, my daarrrrrggghhhhh"... I had to cough. These cigars are killing me. Haha, all this sadness and I can't cry. "Bye, bye, my body parts, bye bye". It was noon when I hit my head on the doorway. I don't know what made me think that dancing blindly around would be a good idea. But that's what happened. I fell down and lost consciousness. This body... It's useless. So I left it there. And I took lips with me. Few days later I heard on the street that my body "has lost its mind". I grinned and kissed my lips.


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