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A Short Story called Sundown over Incremental Bridge-part1

Updated on October 3, 2016
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Gina Marie is a young Fictional story writer of 2016 in the making. She's passionate for writing and finally got the guts to share her work.

city in which this story is fictionally set in
city in which this story is fictionally set in | Source

Part 1

Dear Readers, Thank-you for taking your time to read this short story! This is part one of Sundown over Incremental Bridge, if you want to read more, comment and let me know! I love feedback!

Tara sat down on the edge of Incremental Bridge, her feet dangling over the crystal clear water. It was a cold, crisp, autumn day Tara was extremely happy to have gotten a chance to get outside for a while. She began to toy with her new wedding ring, and thought about her loving husband, Jeffrey. About the day he proposed to her on that very bridge. How he had started surprising her with breakfast in the morning and how he would always laugh at her for being the immature women she could be. Jeffery had an adorable laugh. She loved him with all she was, and couldn’t wait to start a new life, together, with her new husband. Tara smiled as she watched all the people on and around Incremental Bridge. It was the oldest landmark in the city of New York, and it held great historical meaning to the people who lived there. A little girl skipped across humming a little tune while her mother and another woman, both with strollers, walked after her, talking about some event on the news the previous evening.

Her thoughts were interrupted though, with a sudden, “Tara!” She whipped her head around, surprised. It was Daniel, her business partner. How to explain Daniel…Well, he dressed something like a hipster, but he always seemed depressed, or bored. Tara couldn’t ever figure the man out. She jumped back onto the bridge and greeted him in a cheerful tone. “Daniel, how’s it going?” He ignored the fact that she was being friendly as usual, and just grunted. (Like…usual) He hit a button on his watch and the face of it popped up. Inside was a little chip that would go into a computer. “Call me when you read it.” Daniel said in a flat tone as he placed it in Tara’s palm. Then he turned around and walked away to his van, just as gloomily as he came. This was a kind of routine for the two of them. Mostly because Daniel was too lazy just to explain what was on the chip, but Tara enjoyed it just the same. She quickly walked out of the park and down to the nearest coffee shop to grab mocha before starting her work.

Back at Tara and Jeffery’s apartment, Tara sat down with her coffee, her laptop and of course, the chip from Daniel. Thankfully, Jeffery wouldn’t be home for another two hours. This gave her enough time to do her work, and call Daniel before her husband even left his office. Tara took the chip in her hand and plugged it into the side of the computer. The screen went black and in the corner of the screen, it asked for the passcode. As if she had been doing it her whole life, (which she practically had) Tara typed the 10 letter passcode of numbers and hit enter. She then picked up a pen and notebook and read under the title Mission 1 Daniel Barnes and Tara Palacios. (You might be wondering…What mission? Well, I’ll tell you. Tara and Daniel are top secret spies for a top secret organization. We can’t give any other names...) Tara’s handwriting was fast and clean as she jotted down the details. It was a murder mission. They had to kill Jeffrey Patrick. Suddenly, her hand stopped moving. “That can’t be.” She whispered in disbelief. Jeffery Patrick wasn’t a criminal. In fact, it was her husband Jeffrey. (Tara had kept her maiden name on the job to protect those she loved) Something must be wrong with the chip. After having a slight panic attack, Tara dialed Daniel’s number. “Daniel! Do you know who Jeffery Patrick is??” She yelled into the phone as soon as he picked up. There was a long pause. “No…”

“He’s my husband!!” Another pause, “Oh. Well, that’s a problem.” Tara couldn’t believe it. Guys are so unhelpful, she thought angrily. “Daniel, just come over, we need to talk about this before…” A knock came at the door, “Hey darling, I’m home!” Of course he decided to come home early today of all days. “I’ll call you in the morning.” Tara whispered. Then she hung up and cleaned up her work area as fast as possible.

Jeffery tossed his briefcase on the couch and went to give his wife a kiss. “How was work?” Tara asked, pushing him away, still kind of shocked. “Oh you know, just the usual. Brett was giving me a hard time again.” Tara nodded, trying to be interested. She still couldn’t believe that her Jeffery was a criminal. A murderer. It just didn’t seem possible… “Well, let’s go out for dinner tonight!” Jeffery said with a grin.

Once again, thank-you for your time! I hope you enjoyed this short story. :)
Gina Marie

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Sundown over Incremental Bridge pt. 1

© 2016 GinaMarie310


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