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A Simple Tale of Love, a Beautiful Girl, and Horses

Updated on September 5, 2020
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An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.

The horse

The horse had been part of Devinder Singh's life for long years. Popularly called Davey he had started learning to ride horses at a young age thanks to his father. He was an officer in the Indian armed forces and was keen that his son learn a macho sport. He followed up and through a friend got Davey enrolled with his influence at the local police horse battalion. The police used these horses for crowd control and other activities. Davey perfected his riding skills at the military academy. This was the place where he also picked up horse polo. This is a contact sport played on horseback. Two teams of four players each which could be a mix of men and women play the game in a field of 300 yds. The game consists of using a mallet and hitting a small air-filled ball, which is similar to a soccer ball and scoring goals.

Davey found riding a horse to be a thrilling experience more so as it drew him closer to women. Yes! Many women ride horses and many will agree that a woman who rides a horse is certainly more adventurous than a woman who doesn't. Davey had a good vibration with horses and understood them. Over a period he developed an invisible bond with the horse. He realized this as he galloped across hills and dales at Mhow.

At the academy, he had a head start over others who were beginners. Davey was an adept rider and so the instructor gave him a lot of leeways. He was left alone for long periods. At the academy, the chief trainer was a Sergeant Major. He was an Anglo-Indian who traced this pedigree to a pure Englishman who was a tea planter. He was a hard taskmaster but gave Davey a lot of latitudes as he had a way with horses.

One day he approached the sergeant and said,"Saab, can I take a horse this Sunday for a ride in the hills?"

'Saab' is the term of address that cadets are taught to use while addressing trainers who were NCOs and not officers. The Sgt looked at Davey quizzically and said," okay Davey, I won't be here as I'll be going to church but I will instruct the stable hand to get a horse ready for you so you come over here at 10 o'clock but make sure you come back for lunch."

Just then a beautiful girl just about Davey's age perhaps 20 breezed in. He could make out that she was slim and lovely as well as very fair, perhaps a tribute to her English blood.

"Dad," she said, "I haven't ridden a horse for quite some time and you have always been saying that the horses are busy with the cadets so why not let me have a spin this Sunday."

The Sgt smiled and said," okay Sally, you go for a ride this Sunday with Davey as he is going for a ride as well. " He also introduced Davey to his daughter. He liked the girl immensely and wondered how good a horse rider she was.

"Fine Sally," he said," it will be great riding with you this Sunday, so please be here in the stable at 10."

The girl

The next Sunday they met at the stables. She looked ravishing with her equestrian helmet, colored shirt, riding boots, and white trousers. They shook hands and began to mount the steeds. She looked at Davey with a smile and said," do you play polo?".

"No, "he replied

"Okay, then I will teach you at a later time." This was how he got introduced to horse polo. Sally was as good a horse rider as anyone can come across. She mounted the horse and he noticed that she had a small satchel on her shoulder and wondered what it contained.

They rode out into the nearby hills. Sally was a very good horse rider and she matched Devinder step-for-step. After some time she pointed towards a tree and said "Davey, how about dashing to the tree and see who reaches first?"

Davey always loved a challenge and replied," okay let's go"

They dashed towards the tree which was about 500 yards away and low and behold it was a dead heat. They pulled up the horses and Sally said," let's take a short break"

"What will we do?"

"We will have sandwiches and coffee which I have brought"

So this was the secret of the satchel.

"Fine," Davey said, "who prepared it?"


They dismounted and Davey tethered the horses to a small tree and sat down on a large boulder. Sally pulled out from the bag a packet of sandwiches and a small thermos. It was wonderful sharing the coffee and the eats with her.

They talked for a long time and then realized that both had common interests. At that time Davey did not know what Sally felt about him but he liked her immensely.

By a quirk of fate, they were thrown together, and when riding developed an inevitable intimacy. This can only be the handiwork of Lord Krishna. A few weeks passed and their intimacy grew. Sometimes at night Davey would think of Sally and count the days to the next Sunday.

The monsoon had now set in but the duo continued the riding trips. One day a heavy thunder shower caught them. There was no cover nearby and both were soon drenched. Davey looked around and saw a small forest hut which is used by the forest department some distance away. He pointed towards it and said," let's ride to that, maybe we'll get some shelter there."

Sally galloped off and he followed. They pulled up near the small wooden hut. They entered inside completely drenched. Sally's wet shirt clung to her body and one could make out that she was looking wonderful.

"Sally," Davey said," you are wet I suggest you take off your shirt or you might get a cold." He had uttered these words spontaneously and had no ulterior motive but Sally looked at him and turned away. Outside the rain was in a devilish mood and thunder boomed and boomed again. Lightning flashed across the sky but the atmosphere in the small hut was extremely hot. Davey was sweating and suddenly the air seemed to become rare and he gasped. He desired Sally. He went up to her back and kissed her neck softly. She did not resist and emboldened he turned her around and hugged her. He kissed her eyelids and nose and then his lips found hers.

It started as a chaste kiss soon turned lascivious and he cradled her in his arms. He undid the belt of her trousers and laid her on the floor. He drove his tongue inside her, he plundered her with his tongue. She grabbed his hair, yanked, and pulled him closer. It was spontaneous as she shuddered against him, her legs quaking, and when he finally slowed to look up at her, he saw her hair was a wild tumble, and her face was glowing. What followed was a hedonistic bout and this was just the beginning but there is always an ending.

The first pages of the book had opened and the ending was still some pages away. Now they met whenever they got the chance and many a time he would take her on his bicycle on the dusty village road. The bicycle was the standard mode of conveyance and was issued by the ordinance to the cadets. This was on days other than a Sunday because on Sundays Davey had taken the permission and Sally always rode horses with him. The forest hut became their tryst as Davey and Sally united together as ordained by the Lord.

They also played polo under the watchful eyes of the sergeant major and Davey was soon an adept striker of the ball sitting in the saddle.

The ending or the beginning

Sally was also a wonderful polo player and that's how Davey got hooked on the game. It gives him great pleasure that he played horse polo as it is a game which earlier was the preserve of the Maharajas like Bhupinder Singh of Patiala and the Maharajah of Jaipur. This was the most exhilarating term at the academy.

The days passed like they were in the garden of Eden and soon there was the match between the academy team and the team brought by the Maharaja of Dewas. Sally was included as part of the academy team and they played an exhilarating match. The Princess of Dewas was also playing in the match. The game went to its full course of two hours and it was strenuous riding but Sally and Davey thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they led the cadets to victory. The final score read 16 -12.

At the end of the match, there was the prize-giving ceremony but Davey and Sally were not there. They had ridden off from the playground into the hills to the very hut where they had their first tryst. Breathless after the polo match and the dash to the hut they hugged each other and went away to the land of wonder and dreams. It was an esoteric time as they melted into each other's arms.

The next day the course commander called Davey. He was not happy that he was missing at the prizegiving ceremony and give a warning not to repeat such a thing. At the end of the tongue lashing the course commanders eyes twinkled and he concluded, "it's okay I'll let this pass its part of the game"

He found a message also from the sergeant major and Davey hurried to his office. The sergeant-major was in a surly mood. He said," where the hell did you go away after the match with Sally? But in any case, your term has come to an end and you have to go to the flying college and Sally of course is going to her grandmother in London"

He didn't expect any reply and he had just said something which he wanted to tell Davey. He walked away. Davey did not meet Sally as he got ready to proceed to the flying college. His heart was heavy and he wondered why Sally had left but then he himself was not yet settled and there was nothing much he could do. As he was sitting in the veranda in front of his quarter one of the stable hands came up to him and said "sir there is a letter for you."

Davey opened it and saw that it was from Sally; it read," I'm going away my dear because my grandmother is not well and you have still to make your carrier. However, if you have the guts you can come and take me away".

Did he go and bring his girl? I don't know but that is another story.


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