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A Single Day

Updated on August 22, 2013
Turbulence from Tony DeLorger
Turbulence from Tony DeLorger
Turmoil from Anton Rehrl
Turmoil from Anton Rehrl
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Happiness from mamta16
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Choices from michael brooking
Tide Pool Reflection from james neeley
Tide Pool Reflection from james neeley

A Single Day

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Days are like the surge of waves,

crashing down, then receding

drawing the sand from shore,

sucking the very marrow from bone,

and we, within it,

tossed like a single grain of sand,

dry one moment,

drowning the next:

by wind we are blown,

by sea we are awash,

all by the whim of life,

the tides ever changing.

A single day can render,

a soul without hope,

taken to the brink,

can deliver a heart to love,

happiness undeniable,

the devastation of loss,

the heartbreak of rejection,

and the enlightenment

of transformation.

All within a day,

can life unfurl truths,

change stubborn minds,

break steel-like wills

and have us begging for mercy,

all without intent,

without purpose,

simply the rolling out of time,

in this our earthly dream,

always nurturing,

always choices,

and always guiding a mind to learn.

In a day life takes us whole,

and delivers us to questions,

and we, standing before them,


then witness

the tides come and go,

and know that we are a part,

the sea simply our movement,

our choices manifest.

Life can be tranquil and then in turmoil, moment to moment, but there is always choice, and no matter what ensues, the gift of learning.


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