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A Sinner's Tale (Poem)

Updated on May 19, 2016

Darkness breeds intellect

But with a hint of light,

Darkness escapes defect

The steps of liberty with loose humility,

Overflows with impurity

Lack of breadth and absence of depth,

Calls upon a peaceful death,

Burning eyes of a golden calf,

Severs the minds of infants in half,

Hear them speak,

But restrain your flesh,

For what you’ll hear brings grave distress!

“Aren’t we all sinners?”

---Yes! We are! But in the Light, darkness ought to stand from afar,

“Who are you to judge?”

----I’m a sinner forgiven by the righteous Judge,

Thus according to such righteousness, I will judge

Think of another excuse,

Cut off your wagging tail!

Be broken and plead,

Put on the armor!

Plant the seed!

Darkness or light? Light prevails,

Darkness or light? Be fooled not by the sinner’s tale.



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