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A Slit Throat.

Updated on January 21, 2010

A Slit Throat.



Glint of his blade

eyes bulge

like veined marbles,

feet scrabbling backwards.

Heart stacattos

with fear,

hard walled corner

meets abruptly

with trembling flesh.

Legs and massive body

block all escape.

Fingers lock

on short hairs,

head forced

back exposing

neck ripe

for razor.

Quick slash,

long gash,

blood bursts,

geysers gushing,

and the pig

is slaughtered.

Quivering mass of flesh

falls floor-ward

with a heavy thud.

Smile crosses

the butchers face,

mission accomplished

fresh bacon

with tomorrows eggs.



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    • profile image

      seasoning 8 years ago

      yuk what a thought

    • christinecook profile image

      christinecook 8 years ago

      i will never eat again!