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A Small Moment Story Starring My Puppy and the U.S. Census

Updated on July 14, 2015

I was sitting with the U.S. Census lady in my living room. We were on question 67 out of 100. I was trying to think of an accurate response when I heard a loud noise. I heard my son scream in protest. The sound that came next sounded like a stampede of horses across a barren desert floor. I looked up to see Jules running full force at the proper lady sitting on my sofa. His stubby legs were going at a pace that I've never seen. His floppy ears were flying in the wind he had created with his gallop. He channeled his inner kangaroo and bounced onto the sofa-- SMACK into the lady's head! She screamed in dismay while her glasses flew off her head like a tornado ripping a tree from its ground. I grabbed my unruly puppy and directed him away from the disaster area. I will never forget the chaos he caused during that dreadful night.


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