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A Soldier Of The City: A Beautifully Rushed Tale of War

Updated on March 11, 2016

A Soldier of the City by David Moles

Staying in the word of short scifi stories, I moved into another tale. This one is quite as oddity. It’s called A Soldier of the City By David Moles. Here’s the Review.

What is it about? Well it’s no doubt a high flying fantasy set on a different world a long ways in the distant future. In a grand city of Babylon, society worships what is known as the Lady, is a literal god like creature. It’s not uncommon for gods to be worshipped in many cities. By given birthright they control and rule the people. But one day in Babylon, people from another planet known as Nomads attack and the Lady slain. The story follows the soldier Ish, who loved her. He sets out joining a war for revenge. Then starts the battle to save their way of life as enemies continue their effort to kill the gods.

The good? It wildly original and imaginative. Mixing science fiction and fantasy in an organic way is a difficult task. This author pulled it off. The story also has some heart. By the end the reader learns the deeper meaning of the tale, and layered stories are great.

The bad? It’s very fast pace. It skimps on details so much that a lot of it is left to the author’s imagination. Also there’s a space battle or two. And I know some people love that, but space battles bore me to tears.

Overall, it starts strong. It’s imaginative with great world building, it’s pretty mediocre by the end. It rushes through everything and isn’t all that exciting because of it. It does fail to live up to the promise. Check it out if you stumble across it but it’s not worth the hunt.

2 smoothies out of four.

Overall Rating: A Beautifully Rushed Tale of War

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