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A Sonnet About Our Dogs

Updated on March 31, 2013

The Most Loyal Companion

Forever ignorant a noble illiterate, of skillful curiosity not nearly an idiot. Through loathsome darkness no cowardly fear when instinctual presents is diverted to hear.

Enchanted eyes gleam green and yellow, dusted in moonlight I listen to you bellow. A few fleeting moments to roll in the sun as our separate kingdoms wash out into one.

The bond that we feel is not to reason, here by my side season to season. Affection that's true as the arrow, a devotion grows deep in our marrow.

Maybe not the sonnet it started out to be ?.


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    • darrenworks profile image

      darrenworks 5 years ago from Lake In The Hills, IL

      I could not get the editor to display the sonnet in the stanza form I was hoping for, and therefore it doesn't look much like a sonnet. However, my style is inspired, of course, by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets that I'm aware of, and I know my style does not follow any of his rigid structures exactly, and calling it a "sonnet" is technically incorrect, but when I wrote it, I was going for that smooth flowing sonnet delivery and went ahead and labeled it a sonnet anyway. Thankyou for your comment and please continue to look for more free style prose from me in the months ahead.

    • echoe0021 profile image

      echoe0021 5 years ago from Conway, AR

      Rhymes nicely and flows well, but I'm not familiar with this particular type of Sonnet. Perhaps you could educate me a bit and tell the structure you used.