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A Son's Wish to his Father

Updated on August 18, 2012

The night was warm and humid, a woven marine world of various life swimming around in blindness and oversensitive smell looking for their next meal were seen wavering along and below the surface of the swamp. Something however did not feel right in the oxygenated wasteland waters, tethered existences of trees waterlogged and rotten both above and below the surface. The many creatures were taking moments to look around them, the surface mammals taking a second peak behind them as the winds picked up ever so slightly. One of the fish were heard screaming at the top of it's gills, a mouth swallowing it whole before it's cutoff bubbling sentence was officially complete.

It swam so silently, the dark murky water preparing itself for the next grand fright. The intellect it presents the marine world, a algae infested waterbed floor that rubbed ever so slightly against it's underbelly as it traveled. The sights of dismay and shame ran it's course among the depressed atmosphere, violent wars going on in every direction as gnats fought for the higher ground. A sudden halt was found in another fish as it desperately fought for it's very survival from this evil predator that lurked. It wasn't enough however, the deadly snap of a thousand atmospheric pressures found it's place among the ill-fated fishes sides, death found quickly.

The beast of greedy fortune and fame made it's way along the waters edge, keeping a double lidded eye on the life that walked aimlessly among the muddy swamp, taking licks and laps of water. It would be assumable to state that the creature decided to edge ever closer to a unknowing creature simply hydrating and recovering from a long frolic through the forest. In a very unfortunate instant, a very sudden sprint from the water was found almost too perfect, the claws and gaping mouth filled with razor sharp teeth made contact. The life was torn from the mammals body as blood filled the edge of the swamp, a body of a deer fell from existence hopeless and lifeless.

The simple life of this predator, a continous struggle of feast or starvation but no in-between, causing a balance that was so extreme, so contradicting in natural state of being. It swam once more, it's scaly skin making impressions along the muddy banks that surrounded it's large size and girth. Suddenly a sound very unknown to this world, a swamp so large that this unknown spectrum of frequency was unheard of yet came ever closer. Sounds of loud booms were heard amongst the acres of woodland and semi deep waters, the predator taking it's escape rather quickly but unsuccessfully as the booms were now overtop the creature, sounds of voices now heard.

"We got him Frankie...he's bleeding everywhere...just fire another shot...this alligator is ours for sure..." the voice said as a few more loud booms rang in the air, the creature suddenly turning on it's underbelly. With almost no effort, the evil predator that once devoured life amongst the ecosystem of this swampy terrain now became a meal of it's own. The alligator was loaded onto the boat, taken home and made into alligator sausages for the families living around the bayou, it's skin mounted as a trophy, for it was the creature that had eaten Frankie's father not even one day prior. A note had been found later that night, the mother of little Frankie pouring into tears from the words that spilled from her sons literary emotion,

Dear you,

You have taken the best thing that has ever been in my future with a father that loved me with all his heart and soul. For that I have made sure to hunt you down, and destroy every aspect of your hunting like existence...for you will realize that ones bond with his father is unbreakable...whether in or after life...his wishes were found wanting because you ate him. It is in my heart that I had to take your life alligator...for I knew that you deserved this through your insanity and devoid and souless are on my wall now. You are stamped and body will be preserved as that trophy that the world will see...the honor I have fulfilled my father's knowing wish of avenging his death if anything were to come of him. You were found in wanting alligator...and I have given you the fight you never would have of valor and of a love for a son and father that can never be broken.

From me.

The mother instantly fell to the floor crying, the paper soaking from the tears that fell from her eyes, a moment of clarity in which she knew that her son truly had a family bond. The time had come, little Frankie no more than fourteen years of age entered his room, running over and clenching his mother tight as he watched her weep.

"Mother...why are you crying like that..." little Frankie said with frightened expression. "Frankie...your father loved you dearly...I think it's time we lived happily from now on...he left for the swamp after I drank too's all my fault...", his mother said with a very emotional wildness about her tears that dripped and flowed like a waterfall. "It's ok mom...Daddy always said that when something tragic and crazy would be enough to change things...I did what I had to do mom..." Frankie said with a very calm and collective manner. "I think your right...No more drinking for's time to live our life happily my loving son...I love you...your father always will too..." She said before taking the bottle on the table and throwing it out the window.


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    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      Very interesting writing, Baker. Good read.

    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Yea it is a rude awakening to the end of this story, but it also has a very enlightening touch to it. Thanks for the comment Sueswan, your awesome!

    • profile image

      Sueswan 5 years ago


      Voted up and awesome