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A Soul in the Wind (A Poem)

Updated on October 22, 2015

Floating Freely/Light as the Wind

My soul floats freely in the wind

Wandering about the earth

Flying here and there

Up, down, and everywhere

I have no final destination

I'm a simple wanderer following her heart

Following wherever life takes her

Flowing freely with the wind

I'm like a leaf falling from a tree

Merely floating until I am blown

Away by Mother Nature's breath

Following the path that's chosen for me

I'm a soul in the wind

With my heart flying freely

And I, following my heart

Continue to fly

(c) 2015 Jennifer

© 2015 Jennifer


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    • writinglover profile image

      Jennifer 2 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      Thanks vkwok!

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 2 years ago from Hawaii

      Another epic poem!