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A Short Story of World Domination

Updated on October 31, 2013

A Story of a Tomorrow

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

Story of the Ages

The Multiple World Group. or MWG was in full swing and rounding up the cream of the crop in intellect and scientific genius. They had accumulated all of the world's money and stockpiled all of their projected survival supplies that were available, and by the same token, caused a shortage in what was available to the rest of a needy world's people. The young, strong and gifted had been studied for some time and given an offering of future survival that they could not easily refuse.They would be "harvested" in the last moments before the calamity that was already engineered and underway, and hurriedly taken to "The Sanctuary", where all could live in an eternal bliss.

There was one group, called the Network, or "Net" for short, and they had kept a watchful eye on the MWG and what they had been planning for the people of the world. The Net had its people out in all phases of society and reported to the head men about the evil purposes of those who believed that they were in total control.The bad boys had locations globally where they would be in self-contained underground facilities , some in the modern conceived bunkers that would be impervious to all forms of attack, be they in the form of fire, weather, water, earth quakes or nuclear attacks. They had gathered enough food and needed supplies that was to last for a minimum of two full years underground and would amply provide for all who were in seclusion and safe in the areas. The majority of people had been clamoring about where all of the billions of dollars and much of the supplies that were generally made available for the public were, and that had suddenly been almost completely exhausted, as store shelves were practically empty now.

The MWG had made sure that it covered its own needs and taken in all those that would contribute to a brand new world and provide a new start in regeneration and growth of its people. They had plans to make sure that there would be no future competition with a very dark secret that even many of their workers did not know about. There was a need for all of those stock aids that kept popping up around the country. Those who were to be rounded up and placed there would be cared for, at least a little while.The Net boys were watching and had plans of their own. Many places of refuge were being prepared for housing and providing survival needs of thousands around the world. This was a tough job in keeping it under wraps but with luck and divine intervention, it was being done successfully. Water was being stockpiled and food in dried forms along with staples that would provide a means of surviving for at least long enough to give a leg up and society could maintain itself once again.The Net boys were not letting any opportunity go to waste and took all precautions . Much of the storing of provisions by the good guys was done in the name of feeding the world, in many programs nation wide in the US, and other places.

The bad boys had a little plan in which they would infect the meat of multiple restaurants around the world that made up food chains and the gullible public would not know what hit them in time to do anything about it. They were told that a certain viral shot would give protection, yet it made the virus more easily transmitted to others in the general area. It only gave protection for a short while and then broke down in the body and destroyed the immune system. This was what they were counting on. But it would never happen, because the Net boys were out in force at all the public places and made sure that the food that was contaminated never reached the meats that it was intended to infect.There were workers in the meat packing houses on duty there to over see that this was carried on in a safe manner.There were hospital workers overseeing medicines and the chosen bad batches were destroyed.The back up plan of the MWG, was to drop infected organisms in a fine dust that the military pilots and crews were told would help the people and not let them get viruses. Many of these crews would sucomb to the dusts themselves, which was quite alright with the bad boys, and there would just be a little more room made in the sanctuaries.

The dust was to be dropped on a Saturday and at all of the outdoor facilities such as ball games, where there would be masses of people present and unaware of what would be going on. This would be done at soccer matches, football games, and other outdoor gatherings world wide on that one special day and the infections would then spread like a wildfire around the globe. Before this was to take place, the gifted and chosen ones were to be rounded up in cars and helicopters and then whisked away to hidden places of refuge and safe from all infected areas. Some of the people that had been chosen were not all aware of what was taking place, and when they were harvested, it was a great surprise to them and many would be stressed over the whole thing. It was soon time for the whole supposedly coordinated affair to come down on that November morning, on a Saturday, as planned.

The Net was out in force and because of gunfire and reports of armed clashes, most arenas and ball parks were shut down. This was going on all around the world and a big mystery to the media and police, who were beside themselves in trying to deal with the great rash of these commotions that were all going on and around the cities of the world. Ball games were cancelled and outdoor activities were postponed everywhere. The military copters were detained with a few well placed calls by Net men and all virus dust was never allowed to be loaded on planes or copters, as planned. The MWG power brokers were angry and decided that they would make a round up anyway. When this did not come about so successfully, they went ahead and evacuated as many as they could to their sanctuaries. The public was quite perplexed at who was missing off their jobs and many of them were high ranking officials. The general business of a bustling society that was a world wide affair, was temporally halted and new decisions were to be made and offices to be filled, where there was no one available. It took about six months for all of the dust to settle, but all would eventually get back to more normal, and people accepted this new way of life with a big grain of salt, and a determination to keep forging ahead. with a more watchful eye on what leadership was in control of its people.

As for the MWG, the evil minded villains that were to take over civilization after all was annihilated, they still lived in their "Sanctuaries" for another year, until they had many unexplained cased of viruses and deaths that left only a few of the more hardy people to survive. It was indeed, strange that many of the survivors were the ones who had perfectly innocent intentions in the first place, or were taken against their wills. Some of the head men of the MWG gave up and turned themselves in when their provisions were exhausted. They would all be brought before a world tribunal and given extensive sentences for the parts that each had played in this deception of our world's people.The Net boys had a hand in that, I'm sure. By the way, I was a member of the Net boys, myself, and someone had to keep an account of what was going down, in that time, and in the history of this planet.The days of tomorrow held answers that only their living would know, and all in a hope that the future would be a little brighter for everyone.

Our tomorrows are often but a reflection of our days in the past.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 2 years ago from United States

      Food for thought...don't believe all that you hear...

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To whonunuwho: Enthralling story. You have an inspirational talent for writing. I love this story.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      Civilizations have attempted to rule the world in the past, yet none have actually succeeded in fully accomplishing this. My fiction is taken from many other stories of intrigue and a history of marauding bands from all corners of the earth in days gone by.