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A Story of Farman Ali Khan - Bravest Man of Our Times Who Lost His Life to Save Life of Fifteen Fellow Humans

Updated on November 4, 2011

Farman Ali Khan - A Proud of Pathans and Pakistan

This short story is based on the news item which says that a Pakistani Pathan, saved lives of as many as fourteen people who were drowning in the flood water in November, 2009. Farman Ali Khan, was trying to save the life of fifteenth fellow human when a deadly flood wave took his life. In deed, these efforts of Farman Ali, had made him a very special person in the sight of Almighty and his fellow humans. These efforts have made him immortal in this mortal world.

One who saved the life of one has indeed saved the life of the whole mankind.” Saying of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).

There are many incidences happened in the world where people saved the lives of others. But there are very few examples where people sacrificed their lives just in order to save their fellow humans. Even in these circumstances, people endanger their lives so that they could win the popularity of a brave man or their efforts are to save their loved ones. However, is there any incidence one could quote where the efforts were just to win the closeness of Almighty. I think, it would be a hard challenge. Nonetheless, I can quote a incident where a person has sacrificed his life to save others who were not even known to him. He has no material benefits in his mind while saving life of as many as fourteen people.

Farman Ali Khan was just a common man of 32 years before 25th of November, 2009. He was running a small shop in Jeddah to earn livelihood for his family living in Sawat, a District of Khayber Pakhtoon Kawah, Pakistan. He was there since 2002 and working honestly and diligently.

On 25th November, 2009 there were heavy rains in Jeddah which converted into devastating flood. This food took lives of dozens of people. There was hue and cry everywhere. People were pleading for help but everyone was making efforts to save his own life. No one had the courage to combat this natural disaster and rescue the lives of others. The people who were save from those deadly flood had no courage to jump into the water and save those who were drowning helplessly. They were just spectators.

At that point of time Farman Ali Khan from Pakistan was in his shop and could not resist. Farman Ali Khan did not think for the second time and just jumped into the deadly flood waves to rescue those people who were vigorously but hopelessly crying for help. Farman Ali used tubes and wooden pieces etc to rescue the life of as many as 14 lives.

But, after efforts of hours, now Farman Ali was extremely tired. On the saving the 14th person his whole body was fully worn out but his thirst to save lives of others was remained unquenched. He could still hear the hue and cry of the helpless people. He could not be a silent spectator just seeing others drowning vulnerably. Farman Ali jumped into the brutal flood waves for the fifteenth time and tried his level best to save the life of the fifteenth human being but his body was fully fatigued and could not support his intentions and wills and those brutal flood waves took the life of Farman Ali.

Farman Ali Khan sacrificed his life for the sake of mankind. It is to be noted that none of them was his relative or friend. Farman Ali Khan helped them irrespective of their religion, creed, cost or clour. All world, especially, Pakistanis are proud of Farman Ali Khan. Indeed, Farman Ali Khan is a Hero of today's world who did not take care of his own life. His only motive till death was to save lives of as many people as he could. And he was successful in his mission.

Acknowledging the services of Farman Ali Khan, a Pakistani Pathan, the Government of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have announced many worldly rewards including cash rewards, naming a road in the name of Farman Ali Khan and highest civil award of Saudi Arabia. However, his biggest and most precious reward is with the Almighty and this reward, believe me, is much more than the whole wealth of this world.

Saudi Arabian Government had offered financial assistance to Farman Ali's brother and father but they refused to accept any such assistance as their son had sacrificed his life only to get closer to Almighty.

Farman Ali Khan, had left three daughters and one widow. Her youngest daughter of three years old had never seen her father but she could say that her father was one of the bravest humans of today's world.


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    • profile image

      adnan khan 5 years ago

      we are proud of you dear are in our hearts,MAY GOD REST YOUR SOUL IN PEACE


    • PixelsToLife profile image

      PixelsToLife 6 years ago from Arkansas

      Stories like this go by the way side in the modern news because they are not dark or disturbing. It's great to see a man get some recognition for making the ultimate sacrifice. R.I.P Farman