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A Strange Halloween

Updated on May 13, 2013

Of all the celebrations Man have created, Halloween is probably the one I dislike the most. Fear of ghosts and spirits, most people taunt me, but no. I’m already fifteen and have let those childhood fears go more than five years ago. The thing is, I’m bored. Yes, I’m bored!

My parents left a while ago – probably to have some kind of date – and left me a bowl of sweet candies on the table. Not for me of course, but for trick-or-treaters. Trick-or-treating is very common in this town; everybody does it. Everyone, except for me.

Ever since I was a child, I would ask my parents to allow me to come with my friends to knock on peoples’ doors and ask for those delicious and sugary candies. But, they wouldn't allow me, saying, “No Nina. It’s dangerous in the night, especially on times like Halloween.” Every time I asked permission, they would stop me with those words, until I grew tired of it. They always have this expression on their faces as if they were scared, I was very convinced. I wonder why.

On Halloween nights, I would watch my friends through the window, wearing costumes – superheroes, mythical creatures, horror movie characters, etc. – I never got a chance to buy and wear one. Sometimes, I would watch TV until I fall asleep. However, when my parents are away – like now – I wait for children wearing their fancy costumes, asking for candies.

Now, I am in the kingdom of boredom. Again.

I turn on the TV and snatch the remote from the table. Changing channels, I hear a scratching sound on our door. I ignore it and carry on with the TV. After a few minutes of looking for an interesting show, I fail. Spongebob Squarepants is interesting, but it’s been repeating episodes and I think I have watched them all already; Disney’s airing an action, horror film which I’m not interested in; and, I’m not really a fan of news.

Sighing, I press the red button on the remote, turning off the TV. There is it still – the scratching sound. Although, it has gotten louder this time, that it sends chills down my spine. Maybe they are just children trick or treating, I think and chuckle at myself. I grab the bowl of candies and walk to the door, as my heart pounds loudly. I reach for the knob, close my eyes and sigh a big one. I open it...


They are two boys wearing a vampire and a werewolf costumes. My heart slowly settles down, finding them amusing. I thought vampires and werewolves are enemies. Well, they did a very good job with the face paint; they look pretty convincing.

“Trick or treat!” They both exclaim with a smiling face. They extend both their hands, holding pumpkin-shaped bowls.

“Nice outfits, kiddos!” I comment and give each one of them a handful of candy.

“Thank you, miss!” They say and leave. I wave them goodbye as they disappear through the trees surrounding our house.

“Silly me!”

I close the door and turn around. But, walking three steps back to the couch, I hear the scratching sound again. Hesitant, I turn back around and abruptly open the door, although my heart has started panicking again. I look left and right, but there is no one out here. Until I hear it – a cat’s meow.

Down on our door mat is a black cat meowing. Its yellow eyes stare at me, making tiny hairs on my arms rise. Wondering what the cat is doing on our house, I look back straight into the trees and there I see a young lady, who isn’t there a while ago, sitting on the grass. She might have hidden herself behind the trees when I looked before.

I run to her, seeing she is wounded on her legs as I get close. I look at her. Her short afro hair is colored white, sparkling with glitters. Her glittering face carries a frightened expression; her blue dazzling eyes tell me she needs help, the corners of her pale lips pointing down. My eyes grow big, seeing her thin body covered with nothing but body paint.. Her skin is painted a mild blue color with different round symbols lining on her arms. She is painted with nothing but underwear as clothes. It is very creative though, with abstract designs and stones, that emits rainbow colors in different angles, stuck to her body. She actually looks beautiful.

“What happened to you?” I ask, looking at her wounded legs.

She doesn’t respond.

“Where do you live?” I ask again. “I could escort you there if you like.”

No response.

“Can you stand?”

I grab hold of her hand and help her stand, but she can’t. “Wait here.”

I run back to the house and open a small cupboard in our living room. I removed the things one by one and soon see the first aid kit, sitting at the far end. I take it out and run back outside, leaving the other things on the floor. I would deal with them later.

I take out cleaning meds and smudge it on a cotton bud. When I am about to wipe it on her wound, she pulled her legs back, scared.

“It’s okay,” I calm her. “I’m going to clean your wound and bandage it.”

She doesn’t speak, but I guess she understood what I said, letting me heal her.

I wipe the cleaning med on her wounds and her face cringes with pain. Her wound isn’t that big, but it looks deep and serious. I wonder how she got this wound. Is this the reason why my parents never allowed me to trick or treat?

After wiping the cleaning med, I then pull out an anti-bacterial cream and smudge it on the other side of the cotton bud.

“Now, this is to prevent your wound from getting infections.”

She cringes again.

Finally, I pulled out a bandage and wrap it around her legs.

“Feel better?” I ask, looking at her face. She still doesn’t speak, but is smiling now.

The black cat meows again, walking to her. She carries it and the smile on my face suddenly fades, seeing the both of them explode into tiny glittering powder.

“W-what’s happening?”

The glittering powder slowly rises in the air, gaining speed until it shoots itself into the starry sky. I gaze at it for minutes, hearing a voice echoing in my head. “Thank you.”

Shocked, I pick up the first aid kid lying on the ground and walk back into the house. I still can’t believe what just happened. I grab the things I left on the floor and put everything back inside the cupboard.

“How’s your night?” I jump, surprised with the voice. I turn around and see my mom and dad.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, Nina.” Dad says, taking his coat off.

Replaying the events that happened in my head, I say, “You have no idea.”


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