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A Strange Love Story - part one

Updated on July 1, 2015

A Love story will begin....

" It wasnt meant for us to be together in this life. Maybe we will be in next life...". I could never imagine that these words would finally come true one day...

Everything begun on April 1992 during Easter's holidays in Greece. No school for two weeks, so there was plenty of time for the children to do whatever they wanted. A girl, named Aspa, around 15 years old, preferred to play basketball. Aspa was a shy girl with almost no friends. She was wearing her father's blouses (!) and she used to enjoy reading books - any books. She and her sister M., 13 years old, went to a school near her house in order to play with some other kids near their age.

There, they met Christos - 1,98 height - Tasos - 1,80 height - and Giannis - 1,80 height - all 17 years old, who invited them to play basketball. That day was about to be remembered for a lifetime...

They started playing and she was wanted to win this game. But the boys won the game and they decided to meet again the next day..and the next ... and the next.. They all had a very good time, but it came the day that they school begun again.. They did not exchange any phone numbers. They only knew names... nothing more.

And days were passing by... and June came... The school closed for summer holidays. A. went to play basketball again hoping that she will meet Christos and the other kids.. but nobody came. She was disappointed as she realized that they would not meet them again.

On September she had to go to a new school by bus 30 minutes away from where she lived, One morning around 7.15 in the morning she saw him at a bus stop.. She saw Christos. At the beginning she did not believe it. He hadnt seen her and she knew that he would not recognize her after 3 months. For the first time in her life, she decided to talk to that boy, so she gathered all her courage and she went near him.

"Good Morning", she said. Christos looked at her and he just said "Hi", as he was very sleepy. "Do you remember me?", she said anxiously.. "Hm.... No, I am sorry", he said. " Its ok", she told him and at the same time she blushed. " We used to play basketball during Easter's holidays", she said. " Ok" he said and he looked outside the window.

Aspa knew that he wasnt in the mood to talk with her, so she went away from him. She was sad, but she did not want to cry. She knew that she had no chance to look at her or to talk to her because of her clothes.

She met him at the bus again the next day, but she did not talk to him as she knew that he would not want to her. And three days after their first "meeting" he came to talk to her....!!

A love story was about to begin....


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