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A Strange Love Story - part two

Updated on July 11, 2015

Beginning of a friendship....

Life is so beautiful - especially when you are in love....

Aspa, a girl at the age of 16, was very shy. She was a tall thin girl and she was never in a relationship, she had never been out on a date. Books were her only and best friends. She could not trust people, as they had betrayed her in the past.

That day on September at the bus was the first time that she talked to a boy. She had never done that before. Something inside her heart told her to talk to Christos. After the first disappointment, she was sure that she would not do that again... But then he made the first move.... He apologized for not recognize her two days ago and he started asking her things about school, basketball and her life.

Christos was a very tall boy - 1,95 - with long to the shoulders black hair. He was very thin and he enjoyed wearing boots...! He was going at the last class of Lyceum at Kallithea - 30 minutes away from Piraeus, where Aspa was going to school. She was at the first class of Lyceum. Christos had many friends and he was a very social person.

At the beginning they were seeing each other at the bus for about 20 minutes - during bus route from Keratsini to Piraeus. Some times Christos was late and they did not see each other. But after 3 weeks he stop being late... One day he asked her if she would like to go to school by foot instead of taking the bus as traffic was causing them problems and sometimes they were late at school.

She agreed - of course.... she was happy because she had a new friend. She knew that it would be more enjoyable to go to school by foot as they would have the chance to talk more... about life.

You surely wake up easier in the morning and with a smile on your face when you know that you have someone waiting for you in the morning. This is what was happening with Aspa and Christos. Waking early in the morning was not a problem any more for either of them. They were meeting at their "spot" at 07:00 in the morning and they were going to school together while they were chatting.... It was sooooo beautiful....! She was feeling so great!!

One day during their way to school he asked her something different this time... "Would you like to go out with me this Saturday?". "We will go to play basketball?", she asked him. " Ha, no... we will go to a party together, if it is ok with you...", he told her.

It was about to begin a new chapter in her life....!


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