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I Talked to Strangers

Updated on June 16, 2011
Mother and Two Children by Edna Hibel
Mother and Two Children by Edna Hibel | Source

I met strangers...

On my way to my daughter's school this afternoon, I met strangers. She's with her 4yr. old son and a daughter. While riding a jeepney, her son spoke and said; "Ma!let's eat at Jollibee." "Sure!as soon as I get my salary" the mother said. We were the only passengers at that time. I smiled and said; "Why is it that kids nowadays love Jollibee?" (Jollibee is the most popular fast-food here in Philippines). Said the mother; "We always passed by at Jollibee on our way to the house of my boss." Then I looked at her. "I clean the house of my boss everyday because she's working. I told her if I could bring my kids with me 'coz nobody will take care of them." I was speechless.

I am a mother of two. One is 5year-old girl and a boy just turned 4 this month of June. I passed on my fare for the jeepney to her son. "How old is he? I asked. Does he go to school already?"... "No he's only 4, he's too young to go to school." I didn't say a word. I was thinking, she can send her son to school if she has enough money. Because my 4 year-old son is already in school. "I salute you. You know what the only job I do is to send my kids everyday to school and picked them after the class. I have someone with me in the house to do all the household chores. Because I can't do it all by myself!. I'm not that healthy. Sickly." The mother smiled and said; "it's ok with me doing all this work as long as I'm healthy and I don't get sick. My boss has no kid of her own. But she can hardly clean the house." ...I smiled. " That's life. God is fair. He makes things balanced."


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