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A Poem About a Stray Cat

Updated on December 22, 2017
Nana | Source

Hello, I am young feline Nana. I used to be a princess, as I thought, in my master’s house. One day, I saw my master and his family packing and moving their things. I never suspected they would abandon me. Then one morning they left and never came back. My heart was broken. I didn’t know where to go and what to do. This is my story about the hardship I had to endure as a stray cat.

I waited for my master

Until the sun sank behind the trees on the mountain

Casting grey shadows upon the grass

Night met me

With rain and thunderstorm

I curled up my tiny body and thin fur

Hunger and cold struck me like the lightning strikes

This was the beginning

Each passing day

Reduced my size and one could count my rib bones

I now come to understand

That my master has abandoned me

I have no home, no owner

I am on my own

One day I went to a nearby house

I was caught peeping through the window

And hit with an iron rod

Kicked with a heavy boot that I flew in the air

I cried and screamed in fright

Luckily I managed to escape

Before they ended my life

They yelled a name

Stray Cat!

I spent a couple of days nursing my wound

Thinking about the narrow escape

And thankful that I am still alive

I thought about the name Stray Cat

Maybe this is the fate of stray cats

When all is quiet at night

I’d sneak into the nearby houses yard

Checking their rubbish bins for food

I get dirty and my body stinks

I’d always return to look after our house

If only I could talk to my master

I'd ask him if he really loved me

Then why did he abandon me like this?

I am a young stray cat

Wandering the neighbourhood

Just for survival

I get abused, chased by both dogs and humans and beaten

I cry but nobody sees my tears

I hope that one day

A new master will welcome me to his home

Giving me a chance to live my life

Under the loving care of a human being

Nana | Source

This is actually a true story of this cat in the picture. Seeing her being abused, I took her to my home and cared for it for 6 months. On the day that I was to take her to the RSPCA, my brother adopted her and Nana is now living in a loving home.

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