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A Summer Breeze 1

Updated on November 11, 2015

Chapter 1

As she stood in front of the plate glass window looking out at the most amazing view she had ever seen in her life, Tara was spending some time reflecting on her life, as she sipped the hazelnut coffee from her favorite mug.

Life here in Hawaii was wonderful. There were so many amazing little shops and tiki bars. Not to mention views to die for all around the island. At times there were things she missed about living in the states, but no, there were no regrets about throwing all her clothes together and moving here with Joe three years ago.

As she was gazing out at the incredible view of the ocean, she felt those strong loving arms wrap around her waist from behind. A sly, content smile crept across her face.

“There is my handsome lover.”

“Good morning beautiful.” Joe still had that raspy just woke up voice. It was quite tantalizing. He brushed the hair off the back of Tara’s neck and began softly kissing her. Taking brief moments to nibble, from time to time. He knew the affect this had on her.

“Mmmm, you better stop that or you will wind right back up in that bed mister.” He knew what kissing the back of her neck would do to her, and it was working like a charm.

“Maybe that is my intention, hmm?” Joe was crazy in love with this woman.

She turned around to face him and they enjoyed a long sensual kiss. That led them, of course, back in bed for an intimate yet powerful session of lovemaking. The two of them were almost teenager-like in their desires and passion for each other.

Tara was fixing the two of them a late breakfast when Joe came in just after showering. Oh how she loved the smell of his bathing products. He smelled so masculine, so intoxicating.

“Hey Babe, I think I forgot to tell you, but David and Mike are coming over tonight to help with the car. We have so much work to do on it before Saturday night.”

Tara turned toward him, waving a spatula at him, making a joking gesture as if scolding him for his announcement.

He laughed heartily at her.

“You know we all love you honey” Joe gave her that sly school-boy smile that always melted her heart.

“If I didn’t know that, I would not be so happy to see them over here all the time. What time are they coming? I can plan on fixing enough dinner.”

“Four or five; that sounds great. You are the best”

“I know.” She returned to her task of finishing up their breakfast.

Tara came home from her shopping trip to the market and heard music coming from the garage. She guessed the boys were over and they were all in there working on the car. How those boys loved that car. It was good though. It was nice to see them all so passionate about something. Besides it was a lot of fun for her too. Something she enjoyed being a part of as well.

“I heard there might be some hungry boys around here.” Tara said as she opened the door to the garage. Pretending as if she was looking around for something. She laughed as heads popped out. From under the hood, and out from under the car. That was one thing that always got their attention, food. They were so predictable.

“You boys get washed up, I will set the table.”

The gang heartily accepted a table full of goodness. She had prepared them meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, peas, coleslaw, and those wonderful home made biscuits they all loved. Living on the island was great, but Tara certainly had them spoiled to traditional southern cooking too.

After dinner, the boys all pitched in to help clean up and do dishes. Then they went back out to work on the car some more. How could she not enjoy cooking for this crew? They were so appreciative of her they always helped with the clean up. Tara knew she had really hit the jackpot on her little life here.

After the guys had left, Joe came in to get cleaned up. He flashed that smile at Tara and said “If you get bored, I could use some help with washing my back.”

“Okay. I will let you know if I get bored.” She had to play hard to get. It made him pursue her all the more, and she loved it when he pursued her hard.

Tara walked out of the bedroom to the outside shower, one of the perks of living on the island. She stepped up to the door and gave a little knock. The door came ajar. There he was, looking so inviting, with his body glistening from the water of the shower. He was tan and worked out, so he was really every girl’s dream. But this was all hers girls. He reached out to her and untied the robe she was wearing. Slowly sliding it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. She stepped inside the shower. The water felt great. Not too hot, not too cold. By far though, she thought, what felt best were his hands caressing her body.

Joe leaned into her, and began kissing the sides of her neck and shoulders. Something about the way Joe was determined to make the most out of it every moment. He was careful , methodical, and not so rushed. It was just enough to keep her wanting more.

Tara was enraptured by his kisses and caresses. This boy was everything she ever wanted in life and it was her desire to spend every minute of her day pleasing him. She began returning his advances with soft teasing kisses to his neck as well. She took specific time to give the same grateful attention to him as he had given to her. . She smiled to herself, as she knew how that turned him on.

Joe reached down and lifted Tara up to him, pulled her in close, and kissed her with a most powerful and affectionate kiss. He loved this woman with all his heart and she did everything in her power to love him and please him. He vowed in his heart to spend the rest of his life showing her just as much love as she deserved.

Saturday was very busy around the bungalow, as it always was. The boys were in and out, running all about the place making the last minute preparations for the car.

Tara was in the kitchen busying her self as well. She was packing a large basket with sandwiches, chips, raw vegetables, and drinks for the whole gang later that night. She loved Saturday nights around here. She loved being a part of it all. The hustle and bustle, and the excitement and thrill were just fascinating to her.

That evening Joe and Tara met up with the rest of the guys at the track. Hugh and Tony brought the car over in the hauler. Mike and David were already securing their favorite pit spot. They were just waiting on Chris, who was always late despite his valiant efforts otherwise.

“There are some new drivers here that we have never raced against. I will have to see if I can get the scoop on that group.” David said as he was walking up to Joe.

“Okay. Did you get a look at any of their cars? See if they looked promising.” Joe was scanning the pit area for any cars he did not recognize.

“Only one, it looks pretty mean. But looks can be deceiving.”

“Yeah, let’s hope for the best. Well, well, look what the cat just dragged in.”

“Sorry guys.” Chris was waving his hands all about “Only forty things broke down on the way over here.”

Everyone broke into laughter as Chris made his humble attempt to excuse his being late, again.

Tara was sitting in the stands when the races started. That is where she liked it best. One got the best views of all the racers, and wrecks from there. Also, it wasn’t nearly as loud or dirty as being down in the pit area. She had her little area set up with her basket near by. As during different races, the boys would take turns coming up and sit with her as they enjoyed the sandwich or occasional snack and drinks. She gave her self a warm smile as she thought of how she was like the “mother hen” and they were all her little chicks. “Boy I have to get them all married off one day.” She was thinking out loud when someone came up and sat down on the blanket beside her.

“Ali!” A familiar face was just in time for all her crazy thinking.

“Hey Tara, my girl.” Ali was adjusting herself to get settled in for a night of racing. “I’m sorry I am late. I didn’t ride in with David; he came with Mike so I just decided to drive the car.”

“Oh please, you are here, that is what counts” The girls shared a laugh. “Cold one?” She asked as she handed a canned soft drink to Ali from the basket.

“Absolutely. Thanks.” Ali took the drink.

After several heat races and warm up laps, it was finally time for Joe’s feature race. Everyone was getting excited. Joe eased the car out onto the track alongside the other twenty three cars racing in his event. They went with a new engine builder this year and he was really hoping against hope everything held up. A few warm up laps and this race would soon be on its way.

Seeing that black and orange number twenty-two Rocket chassis come easing around the track made Tara’s heart skip a beat. She always got so excited to see her man racing. With the warm up laps completed, they dropped the green flag. Racing was on. After a few laps, the cars got up to full speed and you could start to feel the rumbling in the ground. Like thunder shaking the earth beneath you, it was very enthralling for her. After all, wasn’t that what dirt track racing was all about, the ground pounding, earth shaking, mind blasting excitement of it all? Well anyway, it sure seemed to do the trick for her. She loved everything about being at the track. She loved the dirt in her hair, and the smell of the octane in the air. When those cars got up to full speed, it was like the earth had come to life from its core, and it was, well, almost orgasmic for her. Tara and Ali cheered for Joe throughout the race. With six laps left in the race, Tara looked at Ali, a look of concern blanketed her face.

“Does he have something going out on the front end?” Ali noticed it too.

“I am not sure, but he is not as smooth coming out of the turn, and he is hard on the brakes.”

“I saw that too. But he is fighting hard to stay in it.”

“I know. He is a fighter like that. He lives for this racing.”

Joe pulled the car off the track and into the pit area. They boys all came and crowded around the car.

“I was concerned about the new engine holding up, and darn if something didn’t go south with the handling.” Joe had climbed out of the car and was removing his helmet as the crew made their way to the car.

“Good point, but I’d say finishing third with those kinds of handling problems going on was still and outstanding job.” Was Chris that impressed, or was he still trying to suck up for being late, Joe wondered. Either way, it was impressive to finish in the top three with a tie rod going out on the car. I don’t care who you are.

With the car loaded back up in the hauler and heading back for the garage, Tara and Joe got into their truck and made the trip back home. Tara felt bad that Joe had had problems with the car tonight, but she didn't even mind these kinds of races. He didn’t wreck and top three was a really strong finish. Besides, handling problems were much easier to fix than engine problems, and much less costly. Best of all though, Tara knew that once they got home, got inside and shut the door, all of the stresses of the track would be left outside the door. That was the most amazing thing about Joe; he never let the problems of the world in through the door of their home. He said it did not belong there and he wouldn’t allow it. Their home was their place of sanctuary and that was just how he intended to keep it. Oh yes, she knew that once they got inside that house, he was all hers. Inside their home, he belonged to her, and she belonged to him. And that was all just fine with her.

After showering the two of them enjoyed a cup of hot tea together. Tara got up to put away their tea cups and Joe took them from her,

“These can wait; I have something more pressing in mind” He took her hand and led her into their cozy bedroom. The best thing about having a private bungalow on a private beach is that you don’t really have to wear clothes, and that was working to his advantage right now. He slipped his hands around her small waist and kissed her. She could feel how much he wanted her in his kiss. It was powerful and longing as he leaned into her. She wanted him just as much at that very moment and she took his presence in, breathed in his smell. Her desire for him became intoxicating. He lowered her onto the bed as they continued to engage in a kiss, so full of passion for each other. His hands caressing her body; mindful to grace every inch of her with his tender hands. Her breathing rate increased with his touch. She searched his body out with her own delicate hands. His arms strong and masculine, his chest, feeling the definition of his muscles, it was easy to tell just how well he worked out. She loved his body, it was her greatest treasure and she often went on a treasure hunt.

Joe was enjoying the feel of Tara’s soft body. Her body was a temple and he treated her like a delicate precious gift every time he touched her. His desire for her was strong as he graced her breast. How he loved her breast. They were so soft and so creamy. They were as an exquisite butter to his mouth.

Tara was beside herself with desire for him. She was caressing the back of his neck and gave a little scratch at the nape of his hair line. Something that she knew would drive him beyond mad with desire for her. He looked into her longing eyes and knew she was ready to take him in.

He eased himself into her and felt her passion for him. She was on fire for him and he could sense every bit of it. He wanted her just as badly. With slow, methodical, and gentle strokes, he began working himself in and out of her body. She felt wonderful to him. There was nothing else on this earth that brought him more pleasure than being with this woman.

Tara was enraptured in his rhythm. She felt him swelling inside her body and swayed her hips in tune with his to bring them both to a mind blasting orgasm. Their rhythm became more swift as he went deep inside her and their bodies melted together to truly become in tune with each other.

As their love came crashing into each other; the two of them collapsed. Their lovemaking was powerful, passionate, and exhausting. There was certainly nothing boring or mundane about when these two got together intimately.

After a little time of conversations while still caressing and touching each other; the two of them fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Everybody on the track was in an unusually racy mood tonight it seemed, to Joe. Especially one of the new guys around the track, Jeremiah Smith, though everyone just called him “Smitty” for short. They were down to three laps to go and everyone was doing anything they had to do to win. As he went to come out of the turn Joe could feel the back end the car swaying too far out. “Did someone just hit me?” He thought to himself. “Had to, the handling on this car is perfect.” He barely had time to finish his thought when the car started spinning. It was happening so fast that Joe could barely get his grip on the situation just as he noticed the car coming toward him. Knowing the car would never be able to stop in time, he braced himself for the impact he now knew he was about to endure. And in an instant, everything went dark.

In the stands everyone was on their feet as they were watching the mangled mess of tires screeching and cars all over the place. It was the wrecks that usually got the crowds really excited.

Tara’s heart felt as though it had ceased to beat during the moments watching the wreck, and as she realized the car was going to hit Joe square in the driver’s side door, she was now paralyzed with fear. As if by instinct she felt her left foot lift as if to start her body in motion. She was abruptly stopped by a hand grabbing onto her arm.

“Don’t go down there now Hun,” Ali’s concerned voice trying to bring comfort to her dear friend “let the crews do their job. You don’t want to just be in their way right now.”

Tara turned toward her friends inviting embrace and allowed herself to break into tears of fear for the man she loved with all her heart.

What seemed like endless days passed and Tara never left his side. The doctor had said that a great amount of comatose victims respond well to touch and voices of those they were closest to. So Tara had spent hours reading to Joe; the newspaper, books, the bible, even random gossip magazines. She had the boys telling him of every sort of story or fish tale they could think up.

As she stood by his bedside, with tears stinging her cheeks she continued to talk to her Joe.

“Baby I love you so much, and you know I can’t do this life thing without you. I still get lost on the island. Come back to me Joe. Come back to me.”

“Looks like rain moving in” He thought to himself as he pulled into the parking lot of the little roadside diner. Joe Carter was on his way to Georgia to visit his family and he had to visit some distant family and friends from Texas so this trip he decided instead of flying into Atlanta, he would just drive the trip from Texas to Georgia. He loved that trip anyway, thought it would do him some good. And by now he had been behind the wheel for several hours and was ready to stretch his legs. He would not get too heavy a meal, as he knew his mom would make a big fuss over cooking for him, and he was only an hour away from home.

Joe picked out a corner booth and slid into the seat, picking up a menu to browse over when the waitress came up to the table.

“Good evening, what can I get for you today?”

“How bout a hot coffee to start off and I don’t know, you have too many things to choose from, what do you suggest?”

“Well, the special today is chicken and dumplings, and it’s highly favored at this establishment.” She ended with a little chuckle, which got his attention.

He looked up and was taken by his waitress. Her long chestnut hair was pulled back, exposing a remarkably beautiful face, and hazel eyes that seemed to make her glow, and enhance her beauty. “This could get interesting”, he thought to himself.

“Okay, I’ll take your word then, Chicken and dumplings.” He flashed a smile, that obviously got her attention too, he determined as she blushed and turned away.

After returning to clean away his dumpling dishes from the table she asked if she could bring him any of the five prize winning desserts that she claimed were also highly favored at this establishment. He decided on some blackberry pie and one more cup of coffee for the road.

She came back and presented him with a slice of what looked like magazine picture quality blackberry pie; topped with fresh churned vanilla ice cream and a steaming cup of coffee.

“Now this is probably going to get me in trouble.” He said as he eagerly accepted the plate of blackberry goodness.

“And just why is that?” She asked him with a sly sense of playfulness about her “You afraid it may ruin your school girl figure?”

“I’m less afraid for my figure as I am insulting my mom”

She looked at him a bit perplexed, “Yeah I guess you can’t be outdoing mom’s food at a rundown diner.”

“True, that and the fact that I stopped in her only an hour away from her house. I live a few states away and am driving through to Georgia to be visiting her and I needed to stretch a bit and was kind of hungry when I stopped in here. Now I will be leaving here all fat and happy, and will be at her place in about an hour or so.”

“Okay now you’ve got me” She shook her head “Why on earth would you not tough out that one final hour and wait to get some of your momma’s cooking?”

Joe almost fell over in his chair laughing. She looked at him more perplexed than ever.

“I’m sorry Hun,” he spoke through catching his breath from laughing. “You see, I live in Hawaii and just now hearing you say your momma’s cooking, well.” He broke out again “It’s the simple things that I really miss about Georgia so much.”

“Well I’m glad to have been part of your little nostalgia trip.” She wasn’t sure if he was insulting her southern demeanor or if he was just delirious from all that driving. She lay the meal ticket down on the table next to his pie plate and turned into the kitchen with the rest of the dishes.

After Joe paid his ticket, and made a humble attempt at an apology with a generous tip, he was back in the car and on the road. But he could not seem to get his mind off that waitress. She was pretty alright. But that just wasn’t it. He lived in Hawaii for heaven’s sake, beautiful women were a dime a dozen on the islands. No, there was something else about her that had his mind reeling. She was southern, and there was a lot to be said for the simplicity and charm of southern girls. Maybe while he was visiting, he would make the trip back to the diner. It was only an hour away, and she was worth the trip.


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