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A Sunday Stroll

Updated on December 27, 2012

A poem about a long lasting love

A stroll through town

and a little window shopping

a day like many before

The elderly couple walk hand in hand

as they have for years

They remain silent

not from a lack of words

but from a comfort in the knowledge

that neither is expected to speak

The soundlessness of their mouths

allows their minds to be heard...

The man glances at a young woman

taken only for a second

by her beauty

and recalls a day he met a woman

who's beauty he has yet

to overcome

He smiles at the memory

just as a familiar voice whispers,

"Roger, she's too young for you."

They move on

passing more stores

Approaching a bakery

she notices a cake

that reminds her of one she had tasted

Yet her memory is not of

the flavor

but of the day the cake represented

As she reminisced

a voice broke in,

"That's too many calories for you, Anna."

The day proceeded

like the years already have

They each continued to notice

reminders of a time before

At sunset

they sat on a park bench

He looked at her and smiled

she smiled at him just the same

Their continued silence

speaks for them

as through their gazing eyes

both heard the other's words and replied,

"I love you, too."


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