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A Sunday's Children Story

Updated on May 17, 2017
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She's a kids' author who's grateful for many things. Only, Jesus is her ultimate love! She hopes the Lord is yours too!

No One Likes to Ferment Under pressure

Sundays are definitely a special day for me! It's the day my entire family gathers together, first we meet in church, and then we have a barbecue or a pool party at my aunt’s house. I look forward to experiencing a super duper time with my cousins on this day.

The other days of the week are filled with school obligations and chores and I think this is not modish. At least, I don’t imagine it’s amusing. I don’t like to ferment under pressure, and I have to push myself to succeed in order to keep my dad from scolding me. Even though, I get Bs and Cs, he believes this is not grand enough! He’s extremely strict and wants me to get A’s in my assignments and mom supports him in every decision.

One Saturday I grabbed my bike, hopped on and called to my dad, “Hey, I’m travelling to the playground.”

“Is your homework done?” Dad asked from the open garage.

I groaned softly. “No, but I’ll get it done this afternoon.”

“Sorry! You’ll get it done this morning.” He pointed at my bike. “Park it.”

“But Dad...”

Young Jonathon Was a 'Little Me'

Anyhow, getting back to spending Sunday afternoons with my little cousins, they make me laugh out loud. And at times I feel like singing, since they do such silly things!

Granted the preacher was my Grandpa! My little cousins don’t realize we hold church on Sundays. And they constantly want to get right up to the pulpit while he's preaching to greet him, or throw him a bear hug. It’s awesome how my boy cousins’ resemble him and Jonathon also walks like him. It’s pleasant to watch them together, because Little Jonathon was a “little me”. You know, like the “little me” in the motion pictures of Austin Powers. My dream is to be just like my granddad. He’s counting on me to carry his legacy some day.

Last Sunday, Jonathon did something totally adorable! He had the entire Congregation in an uproar. While grandpa was preaching, he scurried up to the pulpit with his little push cart and baton and started preaching too. He placed the stick to his lips and made believe it was a microphone. And then he took off to repeat the words of grandpa. Though, I couldn't make out all his words, I definitely heard him say several times, “Jesus saves” for the first time.

I thought, wow for a two year old this is genuinely excellent! I wondered what he was going to do next. And just as his mother gently grabbed him, he abided by the flagstone that was in a corner and started to repeat the “I Pledge Allegiance” too. We all belly laughed when he stated, “and justice for all, amen.”

Thank goodness that Sunday it was just us along with two couples who are considered kin. Even though, we were interrupted by Little Jonathon, we were not completely embarrassed by him. He made us laugh and we had a belly laugh. It broke up grandpa’s deep sermon and had us contemplating about the awesome things kids do. I’m sure Jonathon didn't understand what he said!

I'm Smart, Fast and Beautiful.

I desire to be like grandpa, a preacher, except he says this is not possible because girls are not allowed to preach in a Church of Christ. It's not allowed by God.
I desire to be like grandpa, a preacher, except he says this is not possible because girls are not allowed to preach in a Church of Christ. It's not allowed by God. | Source

We Thanked God from the Bottom of Our Hearts, Since He Put a Sweet Desire in Our Hearts to Serve Him Every Day.

After church, grandpa decided to celebrate. He said we have two new preachers in the family, first me then little Jonathon.

“This is not an ordinary day. It is a cause for an immense celebration.”

It was a day to thank God because he has put a desire in Jonathon’s heart just like he did to me to preach the Gospel ten years ago. Grandpa took us all to his favorite restaurant and my aunt insisted we all come to her house for a swim afterwards. Since, it had been a blistering summer day in August we all decided to cool off in her lovely swimming pool.

My aunt brought out her crystal cups and made her favorite fruit punch and placed it along her grand pool deck. We put on our bathing suits and jumped into the pool. Since Jonathon knew he was the life of the party, he began to show off and this time instead of preaching he started to dance. His mom was afraid he would leap into the deep end of the pool and so she put small floaters on him just in case.

Now, grandpa said, “If there’s going to be all this dancing, we must have music”. And he instructed me to grab my boom box. I put on my favorite radio station, Fm 80. They play the best disco music, the ones I enjoy hearing like Gloria Gainer’s singing “I Will Survive”. I wished this particular Sunday would never end. I wasn't looking forward to school the next day. I hadn't completed my weekend homework. It’s terrible here in Florida there’s school in August, while the rest of the country, it luckily starts in September.

I Had the Answer!

By six-thirty the excitement was over and it was time to head home. Boy, I had to discover a way to sneakily do my homework without my dad or mom catching me. They definitely would be upset if they discovered, I didn't get it all done after school on Friday.

I took a shower after drinking my warm glass of milk and quickly leaped into bed. I waited until everyone fell asleep, then I turned on my night light and started reading.

How am I going to get all this done? If mom wakes up to check up on me tonight, she’ll find me doing homework and she'll be frustrated with me.

There must be a better way. And I had it! I’ll do all the reading tonight and find a way to arrive to school early tomorrow. And before school starts, I answer all my homework questions in a jiffy. This is why I get Bs and Cs. It’s my parents fault and not mine! My family has so much fun on the weekends that I’m not able to finish my homework on time for Monday’s classes. If only I could find a superior way, I would get the As they yearn for me.

Oh well, I’m trying my hardest and I think this is what matters. I want to be a preacher just like my grandfather. If I understand the Bible like him, I’ll become a successful preacher on Sundays and no one will worry about the marks I received.

The Words of God Is Eloquently Iterated in the Holy Bible for You.

The Lord Is My Shepherd.

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© 2014 Sheila Craan


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  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 2 years ago

    I enjoyed your story. I could just see all the action as I read your post. Sunday's are the best for family fun and worship.

  • lambservant profile image

    Lori Colbo 2 years ago from Pacific Northwest