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A Sunny Day Poem

Updated on December 17, 2015

A Sunny Day

It was warmish
Ah, heck I admit it
It rained the night before
It rained hard in Hollywood
I was excited though
I was leaving the next day
To go back homeish
I was tired, but enthusiastic
It was his birthday on December 14th
I wish I could’ve called him
To wish him a happy 3rd birthday
But, I couldn’t
Happy Birthday, my son
Mommy loves you
I am sorry I can’t be there
I fought hard to keep you
And your sister close to me
You’re always in mommy’s heart
I miss you and think about you everyday
I forgot to celebrate your special day
Only because I was trying so hard not to cry
I cry often about not hearing you giggle
Makes me tremble inside
I avoid and hide my pain
I ignore all my tendencies if I think too long
What’s a mother to do
Without her or you
I am never going to stop fighting
To get you back
I can only do it in silence
Pretty soon it’ll be known
And I can take action
It’ll feel good to wipe your tears
And then get used to putting your sister
In the corner again
And teaching you what that means
I see parents reprimand harshly
And I think, if only they knew
What I do
What if you only got one more day
Hold tight onto your kids, mom
Because someday...
You never know
You should be thankful for everyday
Cuz one day it could be your last
So Happy Birthday, my son
I didn’t forget
It just hurts to remember
I know that I love you
Now and forever
Give your sister a kiss for mommy
Protect each other
Hold each other close
When the pain of missing me is unbearable
When your child is crying
Because she knows she is hugging mommy
For the very last time
Mommy cried too
Neither of us knew when we’d get to hug once again
The future is too far away to see it
The music has stopped
Because we have no desire to hear it
Until we see each other again
And we will
Mommy promises you that

The Sound of Music - Favorite Things


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    • Amanda Abbott profile image

      Meredyth Lynne 2 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thank you for your comments, Joan and Jodah. It's been a long difficult road without them. They are part of the reason why I write. I wsnt them both to know that their mommy loves them.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      A touching and sad poem. I hope your son and daughter get to read this one day. Thanks for sharing.

    • Joan King profile image

      Joan King 2 years ago

      It is heartbreaking when you are not with your kids