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A Systematic Failure

Updated on November 10, 2012

Division Report on a UFO find in the Highlands of Scotland

Date: 2036 CE, 14:32 hrs.

Report By: 3rd Field Division Yeomaso Dutraisin

Field Object: Mercury Based UFO


On the dusk of the 26th of November, 2036, the 2nd and 3rd field divisions of the Melfician science faction, seventy or so scientists embarked on a walk guided by fifty members of the 176th Scout Regiment dedicated to delivering our teams to a site located in the Highlands of Scotland, rumors of a fallen craft of some unknown origin having been seen crash-landing. After the confirmed discovery of the craft, our team had been ordered to work immediately in an effort to quickly reverse engineer the abstract machine in all its entirety. Our team, the 3rd Field Division, was given strict commands from central HQ to find the engine and to dismantle it in an effort to find the composition and interworking nature of this craft.

**Object Parameters**

-Height: 12yds. /or 36ft.

-Width: 14yds. /or 42ft.

-Length: 11yds. /or 33ft.

*It Should be noted that the Identified craft is of a more wide and thick mass, rather the length itself slims down in height as you reach the front cockpit, and it’s height very apparent that its life capacity to hold at least fifty such entities at any given time of travel.

*Exterior Composition*

Primary: Graphene allotrope of Carbon

Thickness: 1 ½ yds. /or 4 ½ft.

Secondary: Ceramic Tiles of Advanced welding

Thickness: 3 yds. /or 9 ft.

Even more, through closer examination of the surface of the exterior part of the ship, we have found almost no surface damage that has resulted from entering the atmosphere, and have found a microscopic layer of Teflon lining the entirety of the ship, allowing for a cushion effect. The Impact however, did cause massive damage to the cockpit on the front end of the craft, and all life that was found within the cockpit was lifeless it looked like on contact of the crash-landing. It seems as through the Teflon was only meant for entry protection, and so a thicker form within the interior of the ship could’ve saved the lives of those life forms stationed inside.

*Interior Composition & Atmosphere*

Primary: Gold & Graphene based conduits

Secondary: Plastic Alloy w/ Elastic hydrocarbon Polymer (Rubber Based)

Atmosphere Composition: Cobalt confined Habitat

*To Note, The gold and Graphene seems intertwined in its form to allow for maximum electrical conductivity, and thus gives the ship almost unlimited data speed into a form impossible for our scientific knowledge as of current.

After examining the entire ships interior, the 3rd division found that the Graphene/Gold Conduits were lined neatly behind a great wall of Plastic Alloy and a Rubber based Polymer, allowing for the life-forms to walk the ship without fear of electrocution. There was also a blue haze that held the air, and after taking the samples needed, our division found that the atmosphere was comprised of Cobalt, and luckily the Oxygen that filled the ship from outside atmosphere conditions allowed for us to enter with minimal damage to our lungs and other vital body functions.

*Engine/Propulsion Systems*

Primary: Mercury/Xenon Mixture (Violet colored Liquid, Odorless)

Within its system, it seems as though the Mercury is slowly combined within the Xenon substance and then split with a particle accelerator to make unstable particle explosions. It seems as though there is a very strong material that is unknown to our element detection systems that comprises the shielding as to how the particles are held inside the large holding units. This our team believes that for every particle blast, the combined liquids after splitting shoot into tubing made up of this unknown element, and is then distributed throughout the spacecraft’s extremities. This in theory is what would cause the disruption of gravity, and would allow the ship to lift with no gravitational pull whatsoever. The Propulsion systems it seems are made up of grated cylinder cells on all areas of the ship’s exterior, and simple bursts of Xenon/Mercury mix with what looks like a flame installment much like a pilot light on a stovetop causes propulsion. As we looked closer as to why the fire wouldn’t just enter the ship and explode on contact, we found a Nitrogen based mist that is sprayed with some flame deterrent in its mixture while the flame is lit, keeping a backfire from occurring.


In Conclusion, the basic aspects of the ship have been reversed engineered and were taken back to the Melfician Science Division for further studies, and there any many other small features that we will happen on as the 6th and 7th Science divisions ascend and dismantle the ships features for transportation back to Melfico. We are currently in the process of attempting to create our own craft for anti-gravitational travels, but as of current as unsuccessful. We hope that within the next ten years of studies, that we will successful in creating a working prototype for use against these alien invaders of our planet.


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    • profile image

      Sueswan 5 years ago

      Cool and Intriguing!

    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thank you. Greatly appreciated.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      This isn't my usual topic of reading but it was very interesting and I enjoyed it. I now look forward to more from you.