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A Teenagers Prayer!

Updated on April 5, 2017

 "I want so much to belong here

Even though my heart yearns for somewhere,

the feeling so strong i must compel

but i know i dare not complain

With each passing day i must confess;

my heart grows weary and so surpressed.

Craving so bad for an adventure,

but i know i dare not venture.

The warmth of home my only constraint,

and yes! i can feel its sufffocating strength.

I only pray i could break away,

before my heart fades away.

Away to wallow in self-pity,

and to seek and nurture insanity.

Just one last time i pray

to achieve my dreams and hopes,

and try to find a way to elope.

If only i could speak out

before my dreams are shut out

and hope that God will reach out

and seek to help me break out

Just one last time i ask the LORD.

to be away from home."


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