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Journey of my soul

Updated on March 26, 2017

Poetry of a Soul

One night,

in the deep,

mysterious world of dreams,

I found my soul,

wandering in search of,

new mystery of life.

My soul,

led by the thoughts,

climbing on the sky,

kissing mountain,

running as fast as it can.

My soul,

after reaching on the peak,

of the mountain,

coming down,

towards ground,

seeing the forests,

being cut down by the man.

My soul,

during it's trip,

found the wild animals,

being killed by the men,

in their own interest,

of becoming powerful.

My soul,

heard the cry,

of wounded trees,

and wild animals,

also the cry,

of the mountain,

having it's limbs cut down,

and the whispering,

cry of the helpless nature.

My soul,

when reached,

on the plains,

saw people,

killing each other,

without caring,


friendship and mankind.

My soul,

reaching at the horizon,

where earth,

and ocean,

met together,

felt for a moment,

the sigh of relief.

My soul,

when entered,

in the ocean,

found the animals,

of the ocean,

being afraid of ,

the human cruelty.

My soul,

saw the vanishing,


of ocean animals,

a deep fear,

in their eyes,

even in the deep,

depth of the ocean.

My soul,

came out of the ocean,

having the pain,

of cry of the nature,

and the heart touching fear,

of wild animals.

My soul,

thought that,

the great mystery,

of the universe,

is the human being,

after the creation of which,

the super natural power,

is crying till date.


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  • AUPADHYAY profile image


    Thanks Tuatha, for your visit on my hub and your valuable comments. I am much eager to collect the message in respect of humanity, social behavior, life circle and many more objects of this world, all living beings and also of the nature, to which I always intend to reflect through my hubs and poems also. Once again very thanks for your visit.

  • Tuatha profile image

    Kari Shinal 4 years ago from Seligman AZ

    Always interesting what is seen in dreams. One thing I noticed, is that dreams can be both hopeful and foreboding. Let us hope that more hopeful dreams come to the hearts of all.